Monday, July 25, 2016


OK so this week was just so intense. 
you know what else is in tents? camping and cirkus'. hahah ok lets be real though.
this week for district lunch our district leader suggested sushi and we all were so pumped until about the time that we saw the price for a california roll was about 9 euros, but we still bought them anyway. Sometimes you just have to splurg. It was yummy, but definitely a once in a long time thing.
that same day we had a strange lesson set up with a random person and Sister Easton and I were studying and we were joking about the meeting because the person just called us randomly and wanted to meet and we said "well at least we are meeting in a public place" and I commented "yeah but if we die, we die for truth" unfortunately the person didn't show up.
Oh but that same day we were at the building and the Elders looked a little freaked out and we asked what was going on and Elder Harp told us that some girl walked passed him and told him he had a "pekny zadok" (nice butt) and he was mortified. then later we were telling our member about it at english and she responded "well I don't know I would have to look!" and we about died of laughter and Elder harp ran away with the chair attached to his bottom.
Oh monumental experience. at the beginning of my time with Sister Easton she told me that she had never in her life burped ( sorry I am really insensative to bodily functions)  and this week we were studying and I heard this noise come from the other side of the room and I said "did you just burp?" and she responded "yeah I think that is the first time that has ever happened" I decided to write it in my miracles for the day because MONUMENTAL THINGS YOU KNOW?
This week was a celebration for the history of trencin so the namestie was covered in people and food. We SPLURGED!
We had book klub this week and the Elders were telling us that they found this really cool guy on the street named peter, and that he might come to book klub. and So of course we got excited for them, but something was fishy because Elder Harp was laughing and I asked why he was laughing and they said he was just really funny. then about ten minutes later in walks my MTC teacher Brat zabriskie with his wife and I about dropped to the floor. 
then I had to say the opening prayer and I felt like I was in a test and he was going to pick out all of my mistakes. It was quite frightening. but hey I heard him speak english which was rarely heard in the MTC so that was weird!
We had the big miracle yesterday we were on the streets and Sister Easton and I had determined that the people we were going to talk to we were going to try to set a specific time to meet with them, and we stop this man who we taught and he told us he wasn't from trencin, but we both felt impressed to ask him how often he came to trencin and he said "oh about 3-4 times a week" so we said can we meet with you this tuesday at 1 and he said YES! 
miracles happen when you ask!
Happy days ahead for all!
S láskou,
Sestra Ratcliffe

Sister ratcliffe "sushi in slovakia" part 2
Tracted into a guy who had some squirrels. 

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