Wednesday, October 21, 2015



This week at Family Home Evening we played pictionary for our activity.
you all know who won. (WHO RUNS THE WORLD? girls.)
it was so funny because our branch president's wife is sitting there and turns to the boys and says, "how many points do you have? How many points do you have?" 
Then I felt like I was in high school again, screaming in the stands 
needless to say we had fun.
Then my comp is still sick. So I went out on splits with one of our adorable members and the branch presidents wife. and taught some amazing people!
I love our members. 
We called our cute friend that taught a lesson with me and she told me that she skipped her last class of the day to teach with me. SERIOUSLY? 
wow I am so grateful. that is TRUE CONSECRATION. dropping everything for GOD. (and a couple missionaries in need.)

Then I went out and taught with my branch presidents wife and she bore her testimony so powerfully and by the spirit. and then the guy we are teaching is like "yeah, I have been thinking I want to get baptized in a river." and I was like GREAT
and then that night I realized that that would be a really long time because it is already FREEZING outside. and its going to be a really long time. and then at the end of the week Sis. Parsons and I met with him and he was like "yeah, I want to get baptized soon. like before winter ends, so we are going to have to find someone who will baptized me in ice water"

excuse me?
SERIOUSLY. THE LORD IS IN EVERYTHING! absolutely everything.
Oh, and you already know that if you are in Kosice you are travelling. 
back and forth. 
missing trains sprinting for buses missing buses sprinting for different trains. 
while we were running for a bus we hear "hey" english, turn around. 
a girl is running to us and says "are you serving here?"
1.english one ever uses the language "serving"
turns out her brother served in the czech rep. 6 months ago and they wanted to see slovakia, and just happened to run into us at the bus station. 
but all is well and we made it to Brno. had an exchage with the sisters before it was too dark and before my tummy was hungry, and then went home and made all the czechs Halusky.
speaking of spoiled.. if you are sick this is the place to be. 
We still have like 8 more servings in our fridge.
We what have I learned? 
PERFECTIONISM cannot be a thing. 
we are not in a race. it does not matter how fast we run or how fast the persons in front of us runs, or even if they cross the finish line.
WHAT MATTERS is that we cross the finish line.
We cannot look and people and see the FACEBOOK view, because we will always be disappointed with ourselves. 
Don't quit. This gospel is good and there is so much to learn from it. 
it is an amazing blessing. I hope you all know that too.
I also hope you have an amazing week FILLED WITH MIRACLES.
S laskou,

Sestra Ratcliffe

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