Monday, October 12, 2015

fat fingers and panic attacks

well to cut to the chase,

so I don't leave you all hanging..

best part is that none of us are sick so that means, mama taught me well.

also learned that I have NO idea where to put the meat thermometer into a chicken or any other piece of meat to tell if it was cooked.
fortunately it was.
and it was our cute friends FIRST THANKSGIVING.
hope we didn't scar her too much 
(we forgot the sweet potatoes and the cranberry sauce. and not to mention we had to heat everything up in the microwave.. lol the missionary struggle)
We have this really cute mom that we are teaching and oh, her baby is so cute. 
and we went over to her house the other day to visit and her baby was on her bed and we were all chatting and then all of a sudden mommy walks out of the room with out baby.
and you all know that as missionaries we can't hold babies.
so Sis parsons and I start freaking out. 
and then the baby starts to crawl across the bed. 
so we freak out a little more...
so I try to push him so he slides closer to the middle of the bed. 
He didn't like that.
so he starts crying.
the from the other room mommy yells "oh bring him here!"
"CRAP WHAT DO WE DO?" I exclaimed to my companion
Oh, I have an idea lets try to make him walk. we got him down, grabbed his hands and try to make him walk. 
attempt failed. 
so gently we pick him up and take him to mommy. 
quick hand off, and phew. safe.
next thing you know mommy throws baby into our arms again and seconds later we hear running water coming from the bathroom. 
we finally got out of the house with mommy and baby, (NOT IN OUR ARMS but in a stroller.) 
then we are walking and mommy calls the hair place to get a haircut. 
luckily they didn't have any time to take her.
We were just so concerned about being exactly obedient, that we were praying the the hairdresser was busy. 
my dear friends prayer works.
We had someother times during the walk that mommy passed baby over, we would say a quick prayer and put him into the stroller praying he wouldn't cry. 
beyond all that drama, we are seeing some real progress in this mommy. 
the gospel blesses lives, I know it because I see it. 
I see a literal change in peoples attitude when they can sing the song of redeeming love. 
and Alma says "I would ask, can ye feel so now?" Alma 5:26
this quote was ALL over conference which by the way ROCKED my world. 
and made me do some major reflecting. 
Can I feel so NOW?  Do I acknowledge that everything good is from God?
We have seen some mad crazy miracles this week. 
We do this thing call tabling where, we set up a table with a ton of brochures and a white board and we have a question, and just contact around the table. and in two days sister Parsons and I taught 19 lessons just tabling! Oh boy oh boy it was fun.
We had a lesson scheduled with a guy that I met tabling at 9:30 we wanted to meet at 10:30 but accidentally sent the wrong time in the text.
that time rolls around and hes not there. 
its like getting stood up for a date. 
but, less painful because, two people and we are not dressed up for it. 
so we text him, and as we are waiting one of our friends comes running up to us to give us a hug. 
she was in a hurry to get to her train but we were able to talk with her because we hadn't seen her in a LONG time. then we get a text and he said I am so sorry I thought our meeting was at 10:30. WHAT???? 
well that was quite a miracle. we were definitely there to run into our friend.
we were walking out of game night this week, when all of a sudden our bus starts pulling up to the bus stop. WE SPRINTED. pushed the button and the bus started to drive away. "NOOOO" we screamed standing on the side of the road. when out of the blue the bus stops driving and the doors open. MIRACLE!
Few things I have learned this week 
1. My english sucks. I don't know how to form sentences anymore. #slovakbrain
so sorry if you don't understand my broken english. it wasn't that great before the mish and has quickly diminished since then.
2. the lord is in all things. he doesn't just make up the difference, HE IS ALL THE DIFFERENCE. 
I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. 
have a blessed, miraculous week
S laskou,
Sestra Ratcliffe

 conference sockies

and the batter to make more than 70 banana cupcakes! YUM

 the fog outside our house
Helping a friend clean out his house.

 our group for DINNER.

Our friend doing the splits

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