Monday, October 5, 2015

wheres the TURKEY?

the miracles just never end.
Sister Parsons and I have been so giddy this week, BECAUSE
literally everywhere we GO we run into someone we KNOW (seriously, I should be a rapper.)
We were on a bus going down to the city when we find this super cool guy who hasn't been answering his phone for the past week, Um hey bud what's up? 
THEN, we are on our bus going home and we see this girl that is really busy and can never meet and the next day she texted us! hahaha PRESSURE.
Then you all know Sis. Parsons and I follow the spirit when it comes to food LOL We go into our neighborhood grocer to get some food, and we run into ANOTHER lady that we know, and Oh, she is just the sweetest. 
AND THEN, (seriously when I say miracles I MEAN MIRACLES. ) we are walking to church and everyone and their dog and their grandmas dog is out because there was a marathon going on and this mom and her baby, just happened to be walking down the namestie and yells out "HI" in this HUGE crowd of people. and you know (or maybe you don't), but when we hear ENGLISH IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY, you turn around.
missionary life is good.
This week we went to the cute little village to teach english. Oh, MY HEART IS JUST SO FULL THINKING ABOUT IT. and we thought it was going to be the last time we were going to go (but it wasn't) but we took the kiddos outside and there was this stage and Sister Parsons has this brilliant idea,
"sister ratcliffe, Go teach them a dance on the stage"
So the kids and I hop up onto the stage and the only upbeat missionary appropriate song we have on our phone is "I SAW THE LIGHT"
we hopped around the stage and oh boy it was cute.

also this week we were just walking down the street when a man heiled us.

HONESTLY DON"T KNOW WHY. but we decided it would be best not to contact him.

speaking of CONTACTING, we have a member who is preparing to serve a mission so we went outside and he was my companion and sister Parsons was just a lady on the street, OH, it was funny. he was like:
"Hello do you have time"
                    "No I am in a hurry (most common thing we get on the streets)"
"Good well we teach about God"
and speaking of member missionary work, we were doing service with two of our members at this guys house and he is SOOO grateful the we help him out and he was like is there anything I can do for you all? 
and our member was like "Ummmm, yes. You can come church this Sunday at NINE." 
He kindly declined this week, but promised he would come in the future. 
our hearts were real happy.
Last, week we received a notice from the church that there was someone who wanted to meet with us. REALLY HE WANTED TO MEET WITH US!!! and Oh, boy is he cool. he met with missionaries four years ago came to church and then moved to Blava. 
came back to Kosice a month ago and wants to meet again. I can literally testify of how truly prepared god makes people. yes, it was necessary for him to meet with missionaries four years ago, but now he is ready to meet and to learn and to make steps towards baptism. Aw. yeah.
also hear in Slovakia, it is not normal to knock on doors. usually there are really big gates outside or we are at apartments and we just ring the bell and wait for someone to answer the intercom system.
this week we found a village, 
without big GATE
and sister parsons and I about flipped. 
we were actually a little scared because we never have like face to face communication. its usually through a giant fence.
this week sis Parsons and I are celebrating canadian thanksgiving!
so thats okay. 
we found some chickens instead. 
it should turn out good. 
I hope. 

Pray for us.
Okay friends. 
This is a really long email. 
I hope you all know HOW MUCH I AM GRATEFUL for you all. 
We are on this gratitude HYPE. 
I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and for the knowledge that I have of his existence. 
What a miracle it is, this life we have.
Oh it is wonderful, wonderful to me. hahaha 

s laskou
Sestra Ratcliffe

študium a služba
 messing around during studies




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