Monday, June 1, 2015

Seek and ye shall find. LOL

Some quick fun facts about SLOVAKIA. 
PDA is a VERY Common thing. Like its everywhere. The other day we were in the grocery store and this couple just happened to be making out right in front of my favorite chips. And no, I was not about to leave them on the shelf. So I scooted around them and grabbed my chips. They didn't even blink. Just kept doing their thing... LOL All I have to say about missionary life is that its an adventure.
Oh the best thing happened this week. Sister Parsons and I were CRAVING hummus and we went to like a ton of stores and couldn't find it so we decided to go to this giant tesco that was basically winco and we found it!
MIRACLES!! You bet our fridge is full of hummus right now.
Friends let me just tell you how aware our heavenly Father is of you. 
He knows each one of you personally and loves you.
I have seen miracles after miracles. 
And I don't have a ton of time to write because I get to go meet with one of those miracles right now. 
have the most wonderful week!
Seek for miracles!
Sestra Ratcliffe
This cute little house that is legendary for a missionary to Tract at.

 Everyone told me not to touch the cats in Slovakia. So much for my listening skills. 

LOL it was in the Zoo and Sister Parsons told me I could touch it. AND IT LOVED ME AND I LOVED IT, But not as much as I love Louis.

 The Cute Velka Ida kids we teach English
 Me and A girl we teach. LOVE HER
 and sister parsons on the train. our train has yet to make it to the station on time in the past few week. Hail storm, and a few unexpected delays. We always have adventures on trains.
 Girls night for
a Birthday
 Just at Spissky Hrad. (Spis castle)
 We climbed the Don't be afraid tower. I was more afraid of all the bugs at the top! LOL
 Me at the castle posing. PS don't know how to rotate pictures.
Sister Parsons and I, we spent all day at the castle. 

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