Monday, June 29, 2015


Well I have officially made it one full week in Blava and still have no idea where I am!
This place is HUGE!
So this week was just wonderful!
So on Tuesday we went to the Dunaj and we were contacting and we planned to find a man with a backpack. 
So we are walking and we stop this man and we speak to him in slovak and he says, English?
So of course the next question is where are you from?
And he said France. ( UGH, my previous companion spoke french!) So we chit chatted with him and then we went on our way and then we found a man with a backpack and we talked to him and he was super cool and then we went onto the bridge. 
So we find two men with a huge backpack on back and another backpack on front. Clearly seeing they were tourists, I stopped them anyway and they also requested english. I asked where they were from and they said Quebec. YOU ARE JOKING. MY LAST COMPANION WAS FROM QUEBEC! I was just laughing my head off. Then they didn't really have interest so we chit chatted and then went on our way. 
So we are headed down the bridge and all of a sudden sister Russell and I hear, "WAIT WE WANT TO KNOW MORE!!!!" and there they were. Gabriel and Jack our two quebec friends. 
So we taught them, but they didn't know how long they would be in Slovakia, and we haven't heard from them since, but SEEDS. Seeds are being planted. 
And then we met this lady and WOW IS SHE COOL. 
She is evanjelik and like ooh she just loved learning about what we were teaching and wanted to learn so much more and asked tons of questions and PLUS her baby is adorable.
OOOOH I wish I could tell you more but I don't have much time, But just know that I am doing wonderful and I love seeing miracles. 
and I see miracles everyday! Its GREAT!!
Okay have a wonderful week

Sestra Madison Jane Ratcliffe

Okay no more goodbyes after this
Don't worry it looks like I'm cross-eyed, but I am just crying. The Branch President and his wife

Girl we tech

More goodbyes
 The millers
 The Branch

 Sister Burdigova

I know you only read my emails for the pictures. LOL
 A few of us at the Bowling partayyy Last week

Playing Catch-up
These are all pictures from last week when we went to the "bible" opera

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