Tuesday, July 7, 2015


I hope you just had the most magnificent week ever!
Oh boy and I hope you are seeing miracles too! 
Tuesday was just the greatest. 
We taught a ton of people on the street and they all really absorbed what we had to say. 
We were in a little town named petrzalka when the zone leaders called us to come to the building. We were like seriously we have been here 15 minutes, but we got on a bus and hurried back to the city. 
Once we got there a missionary who just finished his mission was at the building with his family. We visited with them and missionary realationships are weird, so like my mom in my mission is Sister Parsons and then the district leader where she first served is her dad, so my grandpa. and Turns out that the family who came, the missionary is my great grandpa, and I told Elder Ferrells mom that, and she shouts FAMILY and gives me this huge hug. It was awesome!
And then on Wednesday all the missionaries came to our apartment to sleep over and it was the greatest. I got to see all the sisters and we just chatted and then went to sleep it was so fun. and we also got to watch meet the mormons and that was really fun.
And then Thursday we had training and it was just AMAZING. It was all about our choice and how we are not victims of anything bad that happens in our mission, because IF WE MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE OR THE BEST CHOICE FOR OUR SITUATION IT WILL ALL WORK OUT! I just loved it! It was the best.
Saturday was a real good day. Our senior couple made us some delicious american food and we had a picnic in the chapel. How many people can say they have done that? LOL its was awesome!
Well I hope you all just had such a wonderful week!
I want you all to know how much I love this place and Absolutely adore my mission!
I am so grateful that I can serve here in beautiful Slovakia. 
I just LOVE!
Okay have a great week! 
Sorry my email is kind of short today
Sestra Ratcliffe

Happy fourth of July! We had a good little party with some Sloppy Joes and american potatoe salad and watermelon. It rocked my world. OH and TEAL PINK AND CREAM CAKE. Did you know those are the colors of the american flag? LOL 

And today we went on a tour. I got bored to I took selfies

 Just Bratislava at a glance. 

I think all the buildings are just gorgeous.

 Sister Russell and I 

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