Monday, July 27, 2015


Boy oh boy this week was full of adventures and surprises and journeys and FUN!

We went visiting teaching with Zuzana and Sister Batkova to a less active members house who live an hour away. Perks of going: Sister Batkova ALWAYS buys us icecream, and we get to meet these amazing people who live SO far away. Then we had the rest of the day to contact and we taught 10 lessons! TEN LESSONS! Are you KIDDING ME? that is amazing! 

We went with the Elders to an investagators house for Halusky. CAN I JUST SAY THAT IS THE STRANGEST HALUSKY I HAVE EVER HAD! They put cream cheese into it. NO. my it was strange. Then we had a lesson and we decided to make it fun, and we taught the Restoration JEOPARDY STYLE. it was a blast! and then we had english and we taught all of our class how to say SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS and I danced around the room like a total freak as my companion and I sang the song. It's the only excuse I have to dance around a room so I took advantage! and then we went to one of our members to visit her and she was just the cutest, and we met her daughter and her daughter is totally cool! it was just a great day all around. 

WOW this day we had like nothing on plan all day. and we WALKED AND WALKED and contacted as much as we could but, everyone and their dog decided not to be on the street this day. and we had a family history course and we taught this man and it was so fun and I just wish that I could do family history all day, but I can't so, Everyone do family history for me! THANKS! :)

Doesn't that just -A just remind you of pretty little liars? LOL 
Not much happened this day. We weekly planned and we had a lesson and then we had Book Klub and that is always a good time, because we read a chapter from the book of mormon and then one guy goes on a rant and then someone else rants about their rant and then they kind of argue and then I say "THANKS EVERYONE FOR COMING I WILL CLOSE WITH A PRAYER" ahhh yeah. good stuff. 


We celebrated moms birthday! JK, we just celebrated Pioneer day. It started pouring for a solid 10 minutes right before we were supposed to meet so we met at the building talked about Pioneers and went to the park to play. We played Soccer and ping pong (can you all imagine me playing soccer? LOL ) and Fun fact is I wore jeans all day because we had a picnic and then we had studies and then game night so I just literally wore pants all day. 

Wowowow. What an adventure. 
So we had church and church was just wonderful and then we went to find a referral. and we wandered and wandered and wandered for 3 STRAIGHT HOURS trying to find this one house. Finally we found it and the husband told us that his wife was not home and was not interested in changing her religion, but its okay. 
Then after that we went to get on a bus and we were waiting for our bus and this kid was like what time is it? So I told him and then our bus came. And he walks up to me and looks at my name tag and says SESTRA RATKKST.... What does that mean. So I responded " what does that mean? Thats my name." and he walked away so problem solved. Went a few bus stops and got off. then those boys got off too, and heres the real kicker, The boys get off and the one says to me "goodbye" and then slaps my butt....
SORRY WHAT? I was appalled. I held in all my angry feelings and quickly walked to a different bus stop to go to our concert practice. 

Friends, Even though this week was full of stange experiences and lots of physical exertion, I know that this work is Gods work. He has a perfect plan for us, and His son is in the center of that plan. Jesus Christ Lives and knows us and through him we can return to our father again. I just know that with all my heart. I love being a missionary. I am so INDEBTED TO SLOVAKIA. 
I LOVE YOU all and would like to thank you all for your support. 
Have an amazing week. 
Sestra Madison Jane Ratcliffe

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