Thursday, October 29, 2015

ba da ba ba ba, im loving it.

The life of a missionary.


Well I wrote an email like four dayz ago... So, from Wednesday-today:
HMMMMM... Well I definitely cant do anything in chronological order because my brain is just on overload of happy spiritual high goodness.
a. I was able to see the most wonderful 18 year old get baptized. 
Thats RIGHT. Our cute little Martinbean after MONTHS of waiting, was baptized. 
TEARS WERE SHED. Problems of being a sympathetic cryer. I JUST CRY. 
But, the spirit was SO strong and We helped her into the changing room, closed the door and stood there for a second. (mostly in awe) Then she says, " I AM BAPTIZED " then we are all hugging and crying and wet and it was just so good.

b. I was also able to see another amazing lady be baptized also. 
I have learned so much about how the spirit works on people. and how quickly lives can change. This lady had been coming to English classes for years. Last transfer the Elders started teaching her and she was on date. things happened and then she need to go to Hong Kong for her sons wedding and wouldnt be able to be baptized by the time the transfer ended. The Elders spoke to us and told us to go over to her house and talk to her. 3 hours of pure listening she said that she would get baptized the day after she got back from Hong Kong. AND SHE WAS. THE LAST DAY OF THE TRANSFER. isnt that cool?

c. We have some really cool friends right now. 
I feel like when I write my email I am writing everything Sister Parsons wrote and then I realize that most of you dont read Sister Parsons email. So... continuing past that minor tangent. 
We have this girl who is 16 and she speaks english and we just love her. So we met with her the Sunday before Sis. P is leaving and we wanted to teach her the restoration of the church. so we did. and we told her the story of Joseph Smith and we looked at her and she was crying. 
we asked what she was feeling and she said that she felt like a weight had been lifted off of her chest. That people have questions just like she does and for the first time she heard someone pray for her. she said " you have no idea how good it feels to have someone pray for you."
I have so much more I could say, but I dont have a ton of time. 
But I truly feel blessed to be able to have associated with these people and that I have at least 2 more months to be with them. 
By the way it was transfers so SISTER EGGERS came to Košice and Sister Parsons went to trenčin to be Sister Training Leader with Sister Abbott and Sister Ross and Russell are together in Blava.
Well I just love being a missionary. it is the best life.
have a miracle filled week y'all

S Laskou,
Sestra Ratcliffe

PS the title of my email is because Sister Eggers wrote that she had Mcdonalds in her email. LOL but, i didnt, but thats okay.




Wednesday, October 21, 2015



This week at Family Home Evening we played pictionary for our activity.
you all know who won. (WHO RUNS THE WORLD? girls.)
it was so funny because our branch president's wife is sitting there and turns to the boys and says, "how many points do you have? How many points do you have?" 
Then I felt like I was in high school again, screaming in the stands 
needless to say we had fun.
Then my comp is still sick. So I went out on splits with one of our adorable members and the branch presidents wife. and taught some amazing people!
I love our members. 
We called our cute friend that taught a lesson with me and she told me that she skipped her last class of the day to teach with me. SERIOUSLY? 
wow I am so grateful. that is TRUE CONSECRATION. dropping everything for GOD. (and a couple missionaries in need.)

Then I went out and taught with my branch presidents wife and she bore her testimony so powerfully and by the spirit. and then the guy we are teaching is like "yeah, I have been thinking I want to get baptized in a river." and I was like GREAT
and then that night I realized that that would be a really long time because it is already FREEZING outside. and its going to be a really long time. and then at the end of the week Sis. Parsons and I met with him and he was like "yeah, I want to get baptized soon. like before winter ends, so we are going to have to find someone who will baptized me in ice water"

excuse me?
SERIOUSLY. THE LORD IS IN EVERYTHING! absolutely everything.
Oh, and you already know that if you are in Kosice you are travelling. 
back and forth. 
missing trains sprinting for buses missing buses sprinting for different trains. 
while we were running for a bus we hear "hey" english, turn around. 
a girl is running to us and says "are you serving here?"
1.english one ever uses the language "serving"
turns out her brother served in the czech rep. 6 months ago and they wanted to see slovakia, and just happened to run into us at the bus station. 
but all is well and we made it to Brno. had an exchage with the sisters before it was too dark and before my tummy was hungry, and then went home and made all the czechs Halusky.
speaking of spoiled.. if you are sick this is the place to be. 
We still have like 8 more servings in our fridge.
We what have I learned? 
PERFECTIONISM cannot be a thing. 
we are not in a race. it does not matter how fast we run or how fast the persons in front of us runs, or even if they cross the finish line.
WHAT MATTERS is that we cross the finish line.
We cannot look and people and see the FACEBOOK view, because we will always be disappointed with ourselves. 
Don't quit. This gospel is good and there is so much to learn from it. 
it is an amazing blessing. I hope you all know that too.
I also hope you have an amazing week FILLED WITH MIRACLES.
S laskou,

Sestra Ratcliffe

Monday, October 12, 2015

fat fingers and panic attacks

well to cut to the chase,

so I don't leave you all hanging..

best part is that none of us are sick so that means, mama taught me well.

also learned that I have NO idea where to put the meat thermometer into a chicken or any other piece of meat to tell if it was cooked.
fortunately it was.
and it was our cute friends FIRST THANKSGIVING.
hope we didn't scar her too much 
(we forgot the sweet potatoes and the cranberry sauce. and not to mention we had to heat everything up in the microwave.. lol the missionary struggle)
We have this really cute mom that we are teaching and oh, her baby is so cute. 
and we went over to her house the other day to visit and her baby was on her bed and we were all chatting and then all of a sudden mommy walks out of the room with out baby.
and you all know that as missionaries we can't hold babies.
so Sis parsons and I start freaking out. 
and then the baby starts to crawl across the bed. 
so we freak out a little more...
so I try to push him so he slides closer to the middle of the bed. 
He didn't like that.
so he starts crying.
the from the other room mommy yells "oh bring him here!"
"CRAP WHAT DO WE DO?" I exclaimed to my companion
Oh, I have an idea lets try to make him walk. we got him down, grabbed his hands and try to make him walk. 
attempt failed. 
so gently we pick him up and take him to mommy. 
quick hand off, and phew. safe.
next thing you know mommy throws baby into our arms again and seconds later we hear running water coming from the bathroom. 
we finally got out of the house with mommy and baby, (NOT IN OUR ARMS but in a stroller.) 
then we are walking and mommy calls the hair place to get a haircut. 
luckily they didn't have any time to take her.
We were just so concerned about being exactly obedient, that we were praying the the hairdresser was busy. 
my dear friends prayer works.
We had someother times during the walk that mommy passed baby over, we would say a quick prayer and put him into the stroller praying he wouldn't cry. 
beyond all that drama, we are seeing some real progress in this mommy. 
the gospel blesses lives, I know it because I see it. 
I see a literal change in peoples attitude when they can sing the song of redeeming love. 
and Alma says "I would ask, can ye feel so now?" Alma 5:26
this quote was ALL over conference which by the way ROCKED my world. 
and made me do some major reflecting. 
Can I feel so NOW?  Do I acknowledge that everything good is from God?
We have seen some mad crazy miracles this week. 
We do this thing call tabling where, we set up a table with a ton of brochures and a white board and we have a question, and just contact around the table. and in two days sister Parsons and I taught 19 lessons just tabling! Oh boy oh boy it was fun.
We had a lesson scheduled with a guy that I met tabling at 9:30 we wanted to meet at 10:30 but accidentally sent the wrong time in the text.
that time rolls around and hes not there. 
its like getting stood up for a date. 
but, less painful because, two people and we are not dressed up for it. 
so we text him, and as we are waiting one of our friends comes running up to us to give us a hug. 
she was in a hurry to get to her train but we were able to talk with her because we hadn't seen her in a LONG time. then we get a text and he said I am so sorry I thought our meeting was at 10:30. WHAT???? 
well that was quite a miracle. we were definitely there to run into our friend.
we were walking out of game night this week, when all of a sudden our bus starts pulling up to the bus stop. WE SPRINTED. pushed the button and the bus started to drive away. "NOOOO" we screamed standing on the side of the road. when out of the blue the bus stops driving and the doors open. MIRACLE!
Few things I have learned this week 
1. My english sucks. I don't know how to form sentences anymore. #slovakbrain
so sorry if you don't understand my broken english. it wasn't that great before the mish and has quickly diminished since then.
2. the lord is in all things. he doesn't just make up the difference, HE IS ALL THE DIFFERENCE. 
I am so grateful for the gospel in my life. 
have a blessed, miraculous week
S laskou,
Sestra Ratcliffe

 conference sockies

and the batter to make more than 70 banana cupcakes! YUM

 the fog outside our house
Helping a friend clean out his house.

 our group for DINNER.

Our friend doing the splits

Monday, October 5, 2015

wheres the TURKEY?

the miracles just never end.
Sister Parsons and I have been so giddy this week, BECAUSE
literally everywhere we GO we run into someone we KNOW (seriously, I should be a rapper.)
We were on a bus going down to the city when we find this super cool guy who hasn't been answering his phone for the past week, Um hey bud what's up? 
THEN, we are on our bus going home and we see this girl that is really busy and can never meet and the next day she texted us! hahaha PRESSURE.
Then you all know Sis. Parsons and I follow the spirit when it comes to food LOL We go into our neighborhood grocer to get some food, and we run into ANOTHER lady that we know, and Oh, she is just the sweetest. 
AND THEN, (seriously when I say miracles I MEAN MIRACLES. ) we are walking to church and everyone and their dog and their grandmas dog is out because there was a marathon going on and this mom and her baby, just happened to be walking down the namestie and yells out "HI" in this HUGE crowd of people. and you know (or maybe you don't), but when we hear ENGLISH IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY, you turn around.
missionary life is good.
This week we went to the cute little village to teach english. Oh, MY HEART IS JUST SO FULL THINKING ABOUT IT. and we thought it was going to be the last time we were going to go (but it wasn't) but we took the kiddos outside and there was this stage and Sister Parsons has this brilliant idea,
"sister ratcliffe, Go teach them a dance on the stage"
So the kids and I hop up onto the stage and the only upbeat missionary appropriate song we have on our phone is "I SAW THE LIGHT"
we hopped around the stage and oh boy it was cute.

also this week we were just walking down the street when a man heiled us.

HONESTLY DON"T KNOW WHY. but we decided it would be best not to contact him.

speaking of CONTACTING, we have a member who is preparing to serve a mission so we went outside and he was my companion and sister Parsons was just a lady on the street, OH, it was funny. he was like:
"Hello do you have time"
                    "No I am in a hurry (most common thing we get on the streets)"
"Good well we teach about God"
and speaking of member missionary work, we were doing service with two of our members at this guys house and he is SOOO grateful the we help him out and he was like is there anything I can do for you all? 
and our member was like "Ummmm, yes. You can come church this Sunday at NINE." 
He kindly declined this week, but promised he would come in the future. 
our hearts were real happy.
Last, week we received a notice from the church that there was someone who wanted to meet with us. REALLY HE WANTED TO MEET WITH US!!! and Oh, boy is he cool. he met with missionaries four years ago came to church and then moved to Blava. 
came back to Kosice a month ago and wants to meet again. I can literally testify of how truly prepared god makes people. yes, it was necessary for him to meet with missionaries four years ago, but now he is ready to meet and to learn and to make steps towards baptism. Aw. yeah.
also hear in Slovakia, it is not normal to knock on doors. usually there are really big gates outside or we are at apartments and we just ring the bell and wait for someone to answer the intercom system.
this week we found a village, 
without big GATE
and sister parsons and I about flipped. 
we were actually a little scared because we never have like face to face communication. its usually through a giant fence.
this week sis Parsons and I are celebrating canadian thanksgiving!
so thats okay. 
we found some chickens instead. 
it should turn out good. 
I hope. 

Pray for us.
Okay friends. 
This is a really long email. 
I hope you all know HOW MUCH I AM GRATEFUL for you all. 
We are on this gratitude HYPE. 
I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father and for the knowledge that I have of his existence. 
What a miracle it is, this life we have.
Oh it is wonderful, wonderful to me. hahaha 

s laskou
Sestra Ratcliffe

študium a služba
 messing around during studies




Sunday, October 4, 2015


this week was different to say the least. 
its hilarious. 
You know how I told you all that we have been sick since like the beginning of the transfer?
Well we were really sick on Tuesday so we called Sister McConkie and she told us to go to the doctor. So our Branch Presidents wife picked us up 30 minutes later and took us to the doctor. Thank goodness for her because I DON'T KNOW MEDICAL WORDS IN SLOVAK. 
After the doctor examined both Sister Parsons and I he came to the conclusion that we both had BRONCHITIS. 
Especially a missionary!
We had our blood tested so that the doctor knew what kind of medication we needed and the Phlebotomist asks sister parsons "WHERE DID YOUR MOM GO?" LOL
We were laughing so hard, because we felt like twins going to the doctor with our mom and she was like "COME HERE, GO HERE, LETS GO GIRLS" 
oh boy was it cute. 
Let me just tell you. I love our branch. Our branch presidents wife called us the next morning
(Because we were quarentined to our house) and asked us if we had food. "YES" 
Our branch president is at our door with HOT squash soup desert and sour cream to go in the soup. 
I just feel SO loved here.

and don't you forget that we saw MIRACLES. 
We were laying in our bed and our phone was ringing of the chain! 
former investigators wanting to meet with us. 
people from the summer who received contacting cards
the whole nine yards. 
The LORD truly does adjust your circumstances. 
Well that was basically all of our week. 
Confined to beds and many MANY hours of church history
EVEN though we had to STAND on a train for four hours because there weren't enough seats. LOL 
LIFE OF A MISSIONARY, am i right? 
Sestra Ratcliffe