Monday, August 31, 2015


That is all I can say my friends this week was crazy!
So I arrived in Kosice and right off the bat we had a lesson with the cutest mom and her son. they are literally so cute. And the mom told us she is searching for a better relationship with god. SERIOUSLY! right here. God is our Heavenly father How much closer can you get than your father! AHHH :)
OKAY then wow. Tuesday,
We asked our cute YSA what kind of friend she would like to have in the church. she described to us what her perfect friend would look like and then we ventured out to find this girl. GUYS we found her. and the only thing that we didn't hit right on the nose was that her name wasn't the name we planned for. That's how specific we planned it! AHHHH And we found this really cute mom who we have been going on walks with and she is also really cute. 
We went to one of our members house which is really far away and we are walking back to the bus stop a couple football fields away and all of a sudden I see our bus pull up. SISTER IS THAT OUR BUS? CRAP so I started sprinting down the street and then sister parsons started running and it was this huge fiasko. and then the bus bus driver waited for us. WHAT A SERIOUS MIRACLE! then we got on and he was like slowly girls slowly. cause we just sprinted. HE was a nice man. 
Also we moved apartments because the millers don't live here anymore and now our apartment is a complete mess. BUT WE FOUND TWO CROCKPOTS so if anyone has crockpot recipes send them my way. 
oh also in the process of moving we found a bird had flown into our apartment. Sister parsons started screaming and said it was dying, and the I grabbed a pillow case and caught it and took it outside. Too bad we can't have pets. We named him gerard. 
Well this week has been full of miracles and I don't have time to tell you about them all. 
But know I am safe and love this place!
I am so grateful for all your support. You are amazing!
I am praying for you all!
Stay so safe! and have a miraculous week!
S Laskou
Sestra Ratcliffe

Us eating at a chinese buffet! ROCKED our WORLD!

 Saying goodbyes to everyone in BLAVA. 

Elder cahoon and I played boss monster the WHOLE train ride. Man that was long. 
and sister parsons and I moving out of out old apartment.

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