Monday, August 10, 2015


WOW. The weeks go so fast and then you look at them and you feel like you have been in the same week for a year, and then you don't even remember what you did last monday...SOOO... #MISSIONARYLIFE. 

Well Tuesday
We had a meeting with this amazing Lutheran woman. She loved my baptismal pictures so much. Boy, What a blessing it was to have them right when we were talking about baptism. LOL
Also we had a man approach us about an article he wanted to do about missionaries in Slovakia, Don't know if I have already meantioned this, but he came and followed us around while we contacted for an hour and a half. I blame the camera for all the rejection. LOL we did however, stop some really amazing people. one being an atheist man with a church. Isn't that just ironic? LOL Oh I just love people. They have truly amazing stories. 
ALSO FOR YOU ALL TO KNOW. Our apartment has a sushi bar right under it, but it is really expensive, So this week I decided to endulge. and it ROCKED MY LITERAL WORLD. first time I have had sushi since I was in the US. WHAT? YEAH. It was good. 

We had lunch with the district and had district meeting and we went district finding and it was just a ton of district things. and then we went to the dunaj and we planned to find a guy that looked a little like cole. and I FOUND HIM. and We taught him. and He was cool and after we taught him I pulled out my family pictures and was like "sister does this not look kinda like the guy we just found?" she agreed. It was great. 

"strength batters down barriers, Discipline ignores them"
I like this quote. I am going to live by it. 

I don't remember what we did on thursday, except we went to on of our members houses to visit and he made us lunch an hour after we ate, so I just had to shovel it in, and then I just petted his dogs and it just was awwww. Special story is our member has cancer and one of his dogs basically saved his life when he was in the hospital. :) 

Oh this day was like I was in a fire. It is like a solid 100 degrees all the time here, but somehow I am still not tan. I don't even use sunscreen. WHAT? but luckily we had lessons inside our building which is fortunately air conditioned, so we were just living the life. 

We went and did service at Stans house and I literally have never sweated that much in my life. and all I was doing was taking screws and nails out of pieces of wood. oh and we had concert practice because we have a concert next week and I have to sing. guys I suck at singing. LOL

so here I am in the church building and three blonde girls walk in and I see the first and I was like hmmm, that looks like a girl I went to school with and I see the second and I was like, UHHH WHAT? so I walk on over and it turns out that Sammy and Maddy powell came to visit Dominika, who was a foreign exchange student my junior year of high school and she is from Bratislava! 
And I got to chit chat with them about life and it was like an out of body experience. 
You know when you walk down the street in a foreign country and you see someone that looks like someone you know, but you really don't know them and your rational head is like sister, you are in Slovakia, thats what happened yesterday, but it was like real. LOL it was so cool! 



S laskou,

Sestra Ratcliffe

Little lady being sassy in every picture

 Dominika, Maddy, Sestra Ratcliffe, and Sammy

The cutest kitten(in Slovakia) Of course not cuter that louis, but so cute. He had a blind eye and I just loved

Elder asay had a blue polkadot tie I had a blue polkadot shirt and Sofia had a blue polkadot dress! TRIPLETS

Sme Priatelia. We are friends

Moserova Like Sydnee Moser but in girl form. Youre welcome. 

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