Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Well sorry folks no pictures this week. My computer hates me. 

Okay let's go through the week. 

We were in charge of the FHE activity and it was on the holy ghost and we just threw chairs and a white board and everything around the room and one person was blindfolded and one person was the holy ghost and the rest of us were so loud and obnoxious. it was GREAT. A couple of the elders we belting hymns in Slovak and some were standing right in front of the person just screaming in their face. IT WAS ROCKSTAR!!! 

ZUZANA'S name day! 
We had district meeting and then we went out to FLAGSHIP with ZUZU and it was a great way to celebrate. Then we had a crazy man text us and ask to meet with us. Turns out his intentions are not the best and we turned him over to the Elders. So here we are walking through Old Town and my companion says hello to this old man and he turns around so I start teaching him and he tells us to go with him to get a drink so we ordered water. And then he was telling us how pretty we were and I told him our goal is to baptize him and he didn't want that so we needed to leave and as we are leaving he shakes my hand and asks me if we can kiss. Sorry friend. You just told me you are 70. You are old enough to be my grandfather. No we cannot kiss. Then we went finding as a district and it is always a joy when a ton a members stop you on the street and say "HEY ITS THE MISSIONARIES" Oh I just love it. 

Not an extremely busy day. We went to one of our less active members house. She is sick so she prayed with us. She said a thirty minute prayer. WOW. it was L  O  N   G. 
Had our english class and taught animal sounds. Did you all know that is Slovakia a frog says Quack? and a Rooster says Rikitiki LOL 

My companion hit her one year mark. Sadness. But we had a good day! Our dear friend Igor is home from Ireland! and that was a joy! We were able to meet with him!

One of our dear friends who is investagating the church she had her baptismal interview on friday and passed so she will be baptized today! Fingers crossed! 

Well don't have a ton of time. 
But I hope you all have such a wonderful week! 
The gospel is such a blessing. I love it! 

Oh I have a favor to ask you all. 
If you know of any fun mutual activities for the only young woman we have in our branch let us know, because Sister Russell and I are the Young womans leaders. MUTUAL ACTIVITIES. ANYTHING. FUN. SPIRITUAL WHATEVER!

S laskou
Sestra Ratcliffe

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