Monday, August 24, 2015


Well I am so sorry I am not going to reply to anyone this week. I have been on a 6 hour train going to the best place in the whole world! KOSICE!!!
that's right kids, I'm back. and guess with who? 
that's also right SISTER PARSONS! MY mother. 
Sister Russell is going to be in Blava with Sister Eggers.
And Sister Abbott is training the new baby in trencin.

Our dear friend Monika got baptized! It was so amazing. 
Seriously, it is amazing how hard satan works to stop things from happening and the amazing blessing that happen when we overcome those trials! AHHH

We had our culture night and we went to an art museum and then we went to dinner at the radio tower that has an amazing view and spins all around so you can see the view, but I got a little motion sickness, but all is well. and I also ate a ceasar salad for 7 euros. WOW so much money. 

We had training in Brno. It was amazing! we learned so much about prayer and ugh, I just love the McConkies they are amazing! 

We had our concert and I had a small little solo and I did it! 
I was so nervous but it was amazing!

Well sorry I don't have a ton of time I will email next week!

Have a miraculous week!
Sestra Ratcliffe

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