Monday, August 3, 2015

This week is a BLUR..

Well What did I even do this week? 

So Monday,
We went to the zoo. And oh man the cutest orangutan was there, and he fell in love with me. You all know that cardigan that I have thats orange and has black elbow pads? Well if not I was wearing that and I think he thought I was an orangutan. I would put my hand up on the glass and he would put his hand up on the other side. It was a total Tarzan and Jane moment. I loved. Then when we were leaving the exhibit he followed me and there was like a pillar and then glass and then pillar and glass thing and he would walk past a pillar and put his hand up on the glass and then pass another pillar and put his hand on the glass until I left. I felt like my heart ripped when I had to leave the little fella. We really hit it off. He wanted to be baptized, probably. HAHAH JOKES

Then we went and picked up sister Wilson and Sister Parsons and brought them home. Always keeping tradition and having a Halusky party! YUM!

Then on Tuesday we had training at our building in Blava, and wow, it is so strange to not have to travel. Trainging ended at like 1 and we had the rest of the day to contact and meet with people. It was so strange, but so nice! 

OH LOL WEDNESDAY. This is such good stuff. 
So we taught this man. and we met this man a week or so ago and he comes in and tells us that for his religion he served a mission and he proceeds to tell us all about that experience.He was quite the character. He told us that he believes everything we taught him, but promised us that we would not be converting eachother. Thats what they all say. LOL We went district finding together later in the day and we are on the bus and this man walks up to Sister Russell and I and speaking perfect english is like you are Mormons right? and we were like YES WE ARE. he the proceeded to tell us that he works for a journalist and wants to do a report on Mormon Missionaries in Slovakia so we called our public relations lady to check it over and cleared it, so sometime this week, he will be following us around with a camera. PAPARAZZI.. 

This is good also. So on thursday we had a meeting with a former that was a referral from one of our members. So there we are waiting outside of our building and all of a sudden the Zone leaders and our lady walk around the corner. So we are thinking, Oh cute maybe she got lost and they are showing her where to go, LOL, NO. So turns out that the Elders found her on a tram a couple weeks ago and got her number, called her saturday to set up a lesson and we called her tuesday to set up a lesson and she thought we were the same people or something because she planned to meet both of us at the same time. 

We went to our american moms house this week. She made butterscotch cookies and they rocked my world. It was awesome. 

Oh and on saturday we went district service tracting and we found this man, who loves americans invited us in, offered us coffee, explained we don't drink coffee, offered us tea asked for fruit tea, gave us black tea with mint. When he wasn't looking we watered his plants with our tea, I am sure they are growing real good now. LOL what a blast it was. Turns out he had no service for us to do but took a book of Mormon and want to read it, so thats good!

Oh I just love this place so much!
I am in love with the people, the orangutans, everything!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and continue to see miracles!
S Laskou, 
Sestra Ratcliffe

Sleepy Elders

 Random Rain storm

 The elders made us halusky. Strange


 the soccer field out side our apartment sometimes you can see the players running back and forth through the little doors

 these gummy bears were so cute and just reminded me of how families can be together forever.


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