Monday, June 15, 2015


STRESSED. LOL not really but there is an added amount of stress when you realize that your mom is leaving the nest and you are going to learn how to fly with a different bird. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO SATURDAY.
Chocolate chips: NOT A THING. Either chocolate bars or the chocolate things that you melt to do chocolate covered strawberrys. LOL NO chocolate chip cookies for me I guess. 
Air Conditioning: that sounds so spoiled but when you wake up in the middle of the night in a complete sweat you feel pretty gross. But lucky enough if we open our door in the living room and the window in our bedroom it creates this nice airflow and cools everything down. HASHTAG BLESSINGS.
So we taught one of our investagator the stop smoking program and we had him take all of his cigarettes out and we put them in his hand and told him to crush it. and he did and was literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD the whole time. It was hilarious. and then he destroyed the little tin container that held his cigarettes too. Man I just loved it.
Sad Moment: We were eating Icecream and it was good and all of a sudden PLOP!
My icecream was on the ground covered in sprinkles AKA ROCKS. awwww. LOL
Miracle in 24 minutes:
So this week we were walking down the street stopping everyone we could and we taught 3 people a lesson and 1 reset up for a follow up lesson and all of this was done in 24 minutes. THATS REALLY GOOD!!
also the LORD blesses you in the heat. I can testify of that. We see so many miracles on the street in the middle of the day. 

Yesterday was just all kinds of wierd. so it was like hot and then rainy and humid so we went to one of our members houses and visit taught her. and she kept us for 2 hours so by the time we had left we had to go home for dinner, and we got on the tram and some men were like "Oh hello sunshine! SUNSHINE! Oh look at you coming back from church!" So we walked to the other side of the tram and then we got off and some kind of ruccis was going on but no one knew what was happening everyone was just looking around to see who was screaming. and then we go to get on the bus and theres some drunk men on the bus (REMINDER: I AM A MAGNET FOR THE DRUNK ONES) and they were like banging on the windows to get out as we are trying to get in and all 4 of them fall out of the bus and I get trampled by one. miracle of this is that one of his friends was sober enough to apologise for him. HOW KIND. and then I was scared for them because they were just running across the street in the middle of traffic. SO hopefully they are okay! awww and then we saw a really hurt bird on the way home and I just hope that it is okay cause the lady behind us picked it up. wow yesterday was real strange. LOL I JUST LOVE MISSIONARY WORK.
Well I suppose that, that is all I have for now. 
Thank you all for all of your support it is really appreciated!
Sestra Ratcliffe

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