Wednesday, June 24, 2015


So here I am on a Saturday night and we get a phone call from the AP's. 
Sister Ratcliffe...BLAH BLAH BLAH SMALL TALK.... you are leaving Kosice and going to Bratislava with Sister Russell! WOW that was unexpected. I thought I was going to be in Kosice FOREVER!
Oh how the Lord has his own plans!
So I got up super early this morning at 4:00 to get on a train to get to Blava. 
Friends, It was insane how sad I was to leave. I felt like I had my heart ripped out and then left it in Kosice. But you know what? I know that the lord has plans for me, and I will love the people in Bratislava just as much as I will love the people in Kosice.
Before I left, the week didn't end there. 
Last week was completely wild. We had culture night where we go out one night and do something cultural. We went to an opera about the bible. THERE WERE SO MANY NUNS! We couldn't help but laugh. After the opera ended our senior couple turned to Sister Parsons and said, "I don't remember that story being in the bible." LOL It was such a fun experience though! and the pictures do not do it justice. That building is incredible. Unfortunately I just realized that my camera is packed in my bag so you won't get to see it until next week. Prepáčte.
Oh I also gave a talk in church on my last day. That was a joy. Crying in front of 15 people with them all staring straight at me. Don't worry I composed myself.
Wow I am drawing a BLANK as to what happened this week...

OH! We had our branch bowling party. I bowled like a solid 70.
Melissa is probably so disappointed. LOL
Well Obviously I can't even remember last week. So sorry everyone. I will bring my planner next week so I can remember! LOL. Have a wonderful week. I will talk to you all next week.

Sestra Ratcliffe

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