Monday, August 1, 2016

The week

I look at the week and I am like WOW we did so much this week! and then I look through the week and I'm like, did we really do anything this week? 

Well we started out the week with talking to this guy on the street and we told him we are missionaries and he responded that he would love to hear about our message. CAN YOU SAY GOLDEN? so we talked to him and later in the week he called us to set up a time we could meet again. HUH? but then when we met with him it was probably the most peaceful meeting that I have ever had. We walked with him down the river path, because he is a gardener and likes nature and trees so we walked and we were able to talk to him about the restoration of the gospel. 
Man, the gospel is good.
Then this week our elders had exchanges with the zone leaders, I forgot for a second what its like to have 6 missionaries in trencin with only about 3-5 places to contact you see eachother everywhere. but we drew on the ground with chalk and talked to people about the plan of salvation altogether and that was really fun!
Later this week our mission president and his wife stopped in to have district meeting with us and boy are they just the cutest things on the face of the planet! JAJ. I JUST LOVE THEM! then they came over to replace our fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms and I was telling sister Easton how grateful I was that i actually made my bed that day and i cleaned up the kitchen and she responds, "yeah, this morning I had the thought to put away my laundry but I ignored that.." so we sprinted home and I distracted them while sister Easton took care of the pile. hahah
Then at 4:45 saturday morning we arose to get on a train to bratislava for training! The sister trained us on teaching people not lessons and then they sent us out with a different companion to talk to people on the streets. I went out with Sister Mcpheeters and we talked to some people from austria and italy. the girls from italy were really cool, the discussion started out that we didn't think that they would stick around because they were going to the gay pride parade, but they stayed and had some really cool questions about the gospel. I just am so impressed that our father in heaven puts words into our mouths to know what do say when you don't have words. 

Then we were walking home after training down the river path and we walk past this guy who says "you speak english" and we told him we were missionaries for our church and he said he is from chicago and that he hasn't heard about our church, but said if we ever go knocking on doors to go a certain way, so sister Easton and I are determined to find our friend again! 

Yesterday we wanted to visit a member we haven't seen in a while and we made some zuchhini bread to leave with her, but she didn't answer her door, so we rang some of the neighbors, and nothing. so we determined to get into this apartment to give her this bread whether we liked it or not. and I noticed that there was a door on the other side of the apartment that was open, so we walked around the entire block to figure out how to get into it and found a gate about 2 feet away from where we started. but we got in and delivered the bread! OH HAPPY DAY! 

Last night was a huge lightning storm I am trying to send a video as an attachment. we will see how it goes. 

and so sister Easton and I thought well lets teach him the plan of salvation before we kill him because at least he deserves that for coming into a missionaries apartment. 
and so we caught him and i set up a box of sqaure of book of mormons so we could teach him without being in danger. and so we start to slide him it but he stuck to the cup with his web and started to fly out and Sister Easton threw the cup towards me and I about died so I ran into the bedroom and started jumping on my bed and then sister easton went to the couch and was giving me a play-by-play of the spiders movements and I came out and she said the spider was in the crack of the door and then the door slam shut and then we opened the door took some pictures and then found out that he was still slightly awake and started moving so I grabbed a shoe to just make sure. 

Oh wait but after church we were walking home and we saw this guy laying on the ground and a man standing over him so I thought, "hey I took medical assisting maybe I could be of assistance" turns out I wasn't much use but we talked with the guy until the ambulance came. I think he crashed on his bike and got a concussion so we tried to keep talking with him to keep him up. 

Man eventful things be happening! 

Being broken is a gift, because when we are broken, we recognize the need for a Savior to make us whole.
There’s a reason that the sacrifice Jesus asks of us is a “broken heart and a contrite spirit.” A broken heart is one that is open to Him, that lets in His grace. He felt our pains and sorrows first, and by going through a little of what He went through, we feel His power in our lives.

its okay to be imperfect for us that means that we can use the atonement in our lives. LOVE IT!

Have a great week.
S Laskou,

Sestra Ratcliffe


about to eat a hamburger for the first time in trencin
This is how slovaks say my name so I got a name tag with it. :)
the devil came into the house. That thing was MASSIVE.

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