Monday, August 15, 2016

Rozlučenie part 1

Ok this week was just completely scattered. After we emailed we went to a village and met with our friend there. He is just great, we taught him the plan of salvation and we told him about the three kindoms and he said, "well if the telestial kingdom is better than this world I think I will be okay there." 
*face palm*
where did we go wrong? 
hahah but we explained that he wants to live in the celestial kindom! 

Then that night we came home and our neighbor asked us to help her in her cellar and we said YES so we went to change our clothes to help her out and she said that she would ring us when she was ready. so we waited and waited and about 8:45PM comes around and nothing. so we went down all ready to help her out and she said "oh, I said tomorrow..."  

... yep totally didn't catch that one. 

but life goes on. and we got some free cake! Yay fat. 

I know that I have said this a lot but Trencin is really the place to run into people again and again. So we were walking down the street and we hear someone yelling "DOBRY DEN" so we look around to see that it was a lady that I have not seen or heard from since Sister Van was here. and she told us that she wanted to take us mushroom hunting on Saturday and then never called. 

its all good though. they probably just forgot, or got busy. Yeah lets go with that one. 

Then that same day we followed the spirit, AKA we went to the grocery store to get a snack and found our vegan friend, who that day got hit by a car when she was riding her bike, but she came out of it with only a few scratches thankfully. 

but then that night we ran into our neighbor as he was walking his dog and we chatted with him and watched his dog while we went to the gas station. 

nič nie je náhoda 

Then we went to BLAVA and had an exchange with the Sister Training leaders and I got to serve with Sister Ross. its fun because Sister Ross and I have served around eachother longer that any other sister missionary, but we have never served together, but we had a good time together and time just flew. 

I was telling my companion this the other day the if time goes any faster at this point I might start to panic because we wake up and before you know it I am eating dinner and getting ready for bed! TIME JUST REALLY NEEDS TO STOP. 

Oh but when we came home from the exchange we were pleasantly surprised when our elder were on the train platform with some scones and cake for us to eat for dinner because we would not get back to our apartment until 9PM. what gems. 

(I hope you are not bored yet) 

So we had some oppostion this week, lots of people telling us to leave them alone.. 
"but God loves you" we responded. hah
and then I was on the streets Kind of getting upset that no one would talk to us and I see this man from afar, and I turned to Sister Easton and said "this man is going to be elect" and we stop him and WOW was he ELECT! We talked with him and told him about the message and he stops and says do you have time we could grab tea and talk about it. 
and my brain is like: "So.. yeah.. we are uhh.. missionaries ..we have a completely free schedule tea today and tomorrow and the next day if you want!"
so he says "moment" then he calls someone and asks if he can move his meeting to 30 minutes later. and by his reaction his friend said no and so he said okay well if you are not here I will just take a bus and meet you there. 


so then we talked about joseph smith and he said "I feel like I should argue against this but I just can't" 

then he told us that he would like to help us with our slovak by going with us to convince people of their wrong ways. 

man miracles. they totally happen. 

Then on Sunday we had a farewell for Natalia because she is leaving us to England! So we made some Vegan food and man it was a party! 
heres a pic:    

Inline image 1

Saying goodbye to natal-pal. sorry it is so blurry, I don't know how to fix this feature on my camera. 

Well that was basically my week in a nutshell

The blessings that come to us from enduring to the end in this life are real and very significant. -Dieter F. Uchtdorf
I like this. 
Enduring to the end is the hardest part, but the blessings of enduring are REAL!

have a great week! 

S Laskou, 

Sestra Madison Jane Ratcliffe

Exchanges with the sestry
me and sestra ROSS
tons of vegan food!

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