Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 19, 2015

Well this week has not been too wild, but is the MTC ever really that WILD? Ha!

Just an update on my companion with the foot problem. she does not really have three bones in her foot, one of her sesmoid bones is completely broken in half. She went to a pediatrist yesterday and he said that they are making her an orthotic and if that doesn't heal it then they will have to do surgery to remove it. So.. that's crazy, but she is strong and she is baring the pain. 

Our district had a birthday party for Elder Oviatt this week. It was awesome! 
Sister Baileys mom sent us some fun things for the party like eye patches and earring( ahoj AKA Pirate. Get it? ) any way that day was full of fun experiences. Everyone was carrying a package back to our classroom. one of the elder's moms sent cake, another sent donuts, it was insane! We only had about 15 minutes to really celebrate, but it was a blast! 

This week for our devotional we had a member of the seventy come and talk to us. He was so wonderful. He gave us 10 things every missionary should know, and I will share them with you:

1. Love 
He said the day you care more about the people you are serving than yourself is the day you will be the HAPPIEST. 

2. Truth of the Book of Mormon
never let a day go by that you don't read this book. It is a true gift. another testament of our savior Jesus Christ. Read it. Ponder it. and Pray about it. 

3. Joseph Smith. 
As missionaries we testify of him all the time, but do you know for yourself that it really happened? What an amazing thought.

4. Obedience
One of the best ways for us as missionaries to be successful is to follow the guidelines in the white handbook.

5. Faith in Jesus Christ
I love what he said here, He said "Diligence stomps intelligence every single time."
I love that. the other day my investigator asked me a question and I didn't know the answer, and that is a perfectly OKAY response, because the next personal study I had I pondered that question and thought specifically about my investagator. 

6.Holy Ghost. 
When moses divided the red sea he relied on his heavenly father and the Holy Ghost to deliver them. Elder Clarke said " you will face many red sea in your life, will you divide them or will you let them divide you. 

7. Family
He told us not to write dumb emails. keeping you involved is so important. 
I want to thank you all for the support and love I recieve from each and everyone of you and hope that I continue to hear from you for the rest of my mission! 

8. believe in who you REALLY are
When we head to the spirit and act on those promptings we have the ability to heal any wounded soul. I know it!

9. Worth of souls. 
The most important thing to know, is that the people you come in contact with, is someones dad, mom, sister, brother, friend, and if you pretend like that person is someone you know it will make all the difference in how your results may be. 

10. Enjoy the journey. 

I hope this all makes sense and most of it can be applied in daily life, not just missionary work. 
I know that this gospel is true. I am so grateful for it, and cannot wait to get to share it with the people of slovakia. I pray for them everyday and have used this time to prepare to meet them! One month down my friends! 

Last but not least, 
a bit of advice I have, that I have noticed here at the MTC. 
This is not oakcrest or EFY. 
1. Some missionaries think it is okay to have COW's (crushes of the Week) or Elder Baes. No. I mean, I am not saying you can't look, but the MTC is not LDS Singles. LOL

2. If it is yellow DO NOT let it mellow. I hate walking into the bathroom and the person didn't flush. EW (jimmy fallon voice)

3. Embrace the crazy. by the third week your maturity level goes from like a 7 to a 2. embrace it. we are all weird. 

That is all I have for you all today. I can't wait to hear from you next week and see how you all have been doing!
Keep it up! 

As Brett Rat would say " Do you BOO-BOO "
Oh I love him. 

Sestra Ratcliffe

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