Thursday, March 5, 2015

Let's take a Slovak through my week

Ahoj Everyone!

Oh my emailing is so stressful. Okay I'm just going to hop right into it!

So on Sunday my district and I like to watch videos on and we have some very musically inclined people in my district. my companion looked up homeward bound by the Mormon Tabernacle choir, and I was like oh my uncle is in the MO TAB, no more than 3 seconds later Uncle Phill pops up on the screen and I was like... AHHHHH THATS HIM!!!!! it was so fun to see such a familiar face on the screen! :)

To answer the world wide question, No my investigators are not real. They are my teachers, and yes all of my lessons are in Slovak. Takes a lot of practice and preparation, but I have been loving every second of it! 

So just to explain a few questions i got this week.

Who are your companions and who is in your room
great question. since I'm a solo sister I can technically hop from companionships at my leisure, but my companions are Sestra Bailey and Sestra Schaerrer who are serving in the Czeck Republic. 
my room has six bunks and all of them are full. 
How do you ask.
We room with the polish sisters who just came in last week.

I know my mom was concerned about me being HANGRY( hungry and angry ) of fast sunday, so just to assure you, I did very well. It also helps that we are old folks here and eat at like 4 in the evening.. so theres that! HA!

Are my weekends different than the week days. 
not really. on saturdays we have classes earlier in the day and study at night, where on regular days study is in the morning and class is later. so thats different. 
Sundays are my favorite! 
this sunday we watched the restoration video and I have never cried so much just watching it! It was just wonderful! 
today we went to the temple and did sealings and this little old guy walked into the room and he reminded me of my grandpa stalder and I just started sobbing thinking about him!
I was thinking how proud he would be of my to be out serving a mission and how funny it would be to see him try to email me! ha, it was just a wonderful morning! 

Shouts out to William Cole Ratcliffe, Kaitlyn and McKinley Bird for becoming old folks. geez where does the time go?

So the language is coming pretty well for those of you who are wondering. 
The girls in my room informed me that I was sleep YELLING in Slovak, so I'm pretty PROUD of myself!

If I missed any questions or you have more to ask feel free to email me or dear elder me through out the week! It is super fun to hear from you all! 

Have a wonderful week! and Keep the faith. 

Sestra Madison Jane Ratcliffe

So the first and fifth picture is the closest thing I have to my kitty cat. ha a sticker! But I love it! the one of the elders jumping and holding eachother are elders in my district. They are always goofing off, but they make us laugh every single day. My Companion chopped her hair today and you will have to wait til next week for the final result. One of the polish girls broke her finger her second day at the MTC. The struggle is real. My vision picture is for my language goals, and I had a little time to doodle. and the picture with all the foreign words is just a few of the words I am memorizing this week. Fun STUFF! 

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