Thursday, March 12, 2015

We are COOKing

So is that a weird email title or what?
No need to worry, I have my reasons.

So this week was awesome! 
Elder Quentin L Cook of the 12 apostles came and spoke to us on Sunday! It was SOOO cool. We broadcasted the entire thing to MTC's around the world! it was spectacular! One of my favorite things he said was that we should never underestimate the significance of an invitation. We may or may not see the blessings from that invitation, but one day we will, it is one step closer to them coming unto Christ and I love that!

in one of my "investigator" lessons this week I invited my investigator to be baptized and they said...
YES!!! It was such a fulfilling proud moment!

Also in class I had to bear my testimony about the Kniha Mormonova 3 times! By the third time I figured out that my teacher didn't want me to read out of the language book what it says about the book of mormon, he wanted me to bear my own personal testimony of the truthfulness, and after I had born my testimony I looked up and both of my teachers were crying, and I was like, "how did I just say that?"
GIFT OF TONGUES my friends. 

We had the opportunity to go to the outside world this week, because my companion needed to get an x ray on her foot. Long story short she has an extra bone in there thats not supposed to be there and we get to go to the outside world again this week! It's quite an experience leaving this place and being a legit missionary by people who are not other missionaries.. 

So on sunday we were listening to music and the spoken word and all of a sudden a
just starts flying around like it owned the place!
It was so cute, but took away from the spirit because it was swooping down by our heads and all the girls were freaking out. 

So in our classroom there is a dead bird that is outside on the window sill and we always say hi to it(Thats how you know you are going crazy at the MTC) and we named him carl, but there is a guy in one of the building that we do service in named carl, so my companionship was talking and I was like maybe we will clean with carl tomorrow and Sestra Bailey goes, "Oh yeah, We love him we say Hi to him every morning, He's pretty much our best friend" and i turned to her and said, "are you talking about the bird or the human, cause I think we are on a different page here." Turns out she was talking about the bird and was slightly embarassed about the situation. 

Well, I suppose that is all I have for this week. 
tell Grandma Stalder I am thinking of her today and I love her! 

Talk to you soon. 
Sestra Ratcliffe

So many pictures,

Sister Kindt and I( She is feeling and looking a lot better and Kicking butt!

Sister Higging and I in the Red shirt, She is my companion when we are training the new elders and sister, because we are sister training leaders

  we have a very artistic elder in our district and he drew caricature of our whole mission pretty sweet.

 And going out to the outside world they have a lot of free samples. We were like kids in a candy store and we took at least one of every thing. The struggle. you know your a missionary when immature things are the most hilarious things ever!

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