Thursday, April 9, 2015

MTC life doesn't change after week 5 so....

So this week we had the opportunity to host the new missionaries again. Our choir director told us that his daughter would be coming in and all of us were hoping we would get her. As I am walking back from my first sister I hosted one of the guys directing traffic yelled at me to hurry, because they need a sister to host. A big suburban pulls up and twelve people file out. With brother Eggett (choir director) stepping out as well. I was so pumped! Hosting her is like hosting the queen of England. Shes famous!

In class this week we played a game similar to the one were you get a name and you have to guess who it is, but we had to say it all in slovak AND we had to use grammer principles. It was rough. Mine was Lebron James, and the entire time I thought it was KOBE BRYANT. So embarassing because I was with all elders... Oh well. 

Conference and Easter were amazing don't you think? I just absolutely loved every minute of it! I have LITERALLY 18 pages of notes. Life of a missionary I guess. 

This week we skyped again. I skyped with a sister who was baptized when my teacher was their! In fact he taught here some of the lessons! I am so excited to meet these people I have been Skyping and talking to! 

So I don't know if you all remember but the dead bird that is outside of our classroom is named carl. Whenever we pass carl we like to say hi, Cause you know. So this week my teacher (Brat Bateman) and I were going on a walk and as we were walking out of the building Brat Bateman turns to the window and says "CAU CARL" Oh my goodness it was so funny. So now whenever we go on walks we always say hello to him. 

Oh just so you all know. I will be at the MTC a few days longer than expected. Our mission President is going to a mission president's devotional thing for all mission presidents in Europe so he would not be able to be in the Country if we were going the Day we were assigned. 

Special birthday shout outs to a few of you, Owen, Marshall, Dawson, and Aunt Angela. Happiest of birthday wishes for you! I hope you had wonderful days! Sorry if I missed anyone. If I did Happy Birthday to you too! 

All My LOVE, 

Sestra Madison Jane Ratcliffe 

Well lots of fun stuff going on with these pictures.

 1. Me trying to make my necklace look like a beard. But I couldn't stop laughing cause my teacher was watching me. 
 2. The guy we reported to for service on tuesday, he wanted to take a selfie. #CODY
 3. Me rocking the backpack VACUUM
 4 + 5 my companions and I killin it in the service department. #CLEAN CLEAN

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