Monday, May 18, 2015

Being a Missionary is the Best!

Wow this week has just been full of laughs and giggles and MIRACLES. 
We will get to the funny stuff first real quick!
So this week we went to the psychiatric facility to visit a patient. I was scared out of my mind. First of all everyone is like, "yeah you are going to the new hospital" so I'm expecting like primary childrens or something and we walk in and I feel like I am in a scary movie straight out of the 1950s. So then we get into the rooms area and the door is locked, obviously, and the lady comes and lets us in and we find the person we are visiting and we are all relieved. Except for me because they were all standing around the patient and I was in the back and was paranoid that something was going to come up behind me or something, I don't know. Then this lady comes out of the room and sees our missionary tag so she raises her arm to the square and starts yelling "Hallelujah!!!" and so we told her that we don't say that so then she starts doing the sign of the cross and we told her that we don't do that either, so she started doing a combination of both. It was an ADVENTURE!
You know what I have noticed? People are very open with you. We had 3 people tell us they had diarrhea this week. and you have to just sit there and try not to bust up laughing. Missionary life am I right? It is just the greatest.
So into the miracles and wonderful missionary things!
We went to the zoo( did I already tell you that?) IDK but I have so pretty sweet pictures of feeding the animals it was a blast!
Can I just tell you all that the lord is very aware of us and has a time for everything! 
We run into some pretty awesome people on the street everyday who are willing to share their thoughts and they are amazing! I can just see the light of Christ in them! It is so powerful! I know that the Lord loves Slovakia! So much!
Oh also we met this girl from portugal a couple weeks ago and didn't have any contact information and then we took a few minutes out of our lunch to go to the store and guess who we ran into?
We have a member preparing to serve a mission and it is absolutely amazing to see the differences in his life. We made a plan with him and he listens. we tell him to keep a journal read the BOM every day Pray do all these things and he comes back with journal in had notes in the margins of the scriptures and is prepared and willing to learn. It has just been amazing to see how commited these people are to the gospel. I LOVE IT!
Miracles are real my dear friends! 
I am loving being a missionary. It is the best!
also Sister Parsons and I have taken up a new hobby to steam our faces at night. followed by a dance party to cheese church music. It is a total blast.
Well I suppose that is all! If you have any questions let me know I will talk to you all next week!

Sestra Ratcliffe

 Feeding the horse at the zoo. Look at those pearly whites. LOL
 Steaming our faces after planning. MMMM SWEATY.
I have become that girl. I can't get enough of the scriptures. LOL well i actually didn't have a lot 

of time to get ready so I studied and blowdried. It worked out wonderfully. 

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