Monday, May 4, 2015


So just so you all know. Jet lag is a real thing, and I don't think it has worn off yet because we have been traveling all over the country this week, and last week. 
So the week I got here I arrived in Kosice on Saturday night, had a normal day Sunday, P-day monday and then it all went crazy. 
Train to Bratislava tuesday
Train to Brno for training Wednesday 
Train to Trencin wednesday night. 
Train to Kosice Thursday Morning. 
And then I was finally home for a full day friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then today we are doing that same journey all over again
Lots and Lots of travelling
But I do have a fun story from all of this. 
So we are sitting on the train going to bratislava, and I am doing language study out of this book, right? 
And there are these two slovaks next to me so I am reading outloud. They helped me with my language study, and I read this word:
and my companion says no so I say it again a little louder and she says no nefajčiš. So i say it again and she says that means you smoke. OOOHHHH nefajčim and those slovaks thought I was hilarious. So I gave them each a pass along card and we were on our way.
Fun Fact:
Ice cubes are not a thing. Its rough. My water is never cold. We have resorted to putting water into a muffin tin and freezing it. :) innovation at its finest. But sometimes when we take the ice cube out some of the metal comes off with it, so we have to wash our ice before we put it in our drink.
Next, I have been kissed by so many people it is unimaginable. I don't really mind the old ladies, but sometimes I'm afraid when the men get close, missionary life.
3. greenie magic is a real thing. Greenie magic is when new missionaries just get to the field and all of a sudden these miracles start occuring. People stop and listen to our message its incredible.
Did you know that europeans listen to american music? 
I heard some taylor swift the other day and I was like, WHAT IS THIS?
Also there are so many Jehovahs witnesses and Nuns in this joint! They are all over! It's INSANE!
One JW gave us her monthly magazine and it has a picture of the destruction of the world on the front. very interesting. and the title is "is the end of the world soon?" I just don't even know.
We are also meeting with this man who changed his name to šejk. which means" Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ." in slovak of course! haha Such fun.
Oh PS Happy birthday Dad! I hope you had a wonderful day! 
On monday we went to the cathedral that is in the middle of the namestie and it was gorgeous! 
*pictures to come*
We have met some amazing people this week! I wish I could tell you all about them. 
We met this really old man and we are teaching him and he is so cute. He is 85 years old and he used to be a swim coach in the olympics! What?? he is cool and slightly senial but awesome! 
*also will send pictures.*
We were in brno a solid 4 hours and on the tram back to the train I sat by this man and I was talking to him and he was completely drunk and I was talking about the church and he told me I was beautiful so I turned around and looked at my companion in despair and she gave me a look of encouragement to continue talking to him. She was proud I was contacting him, and then he tickled my back, and I about crapped my pants. and I looked at my companion again with despair and said, help. She told me to come over to her and when I got up he was like "oh ahoj, cau!" creepy creepy man. and then I wanted to get off the train and then he got off so that was a relief.
Life of a missionary.
We met this lady on the street the other day and she said she was going into surgery but if she made it out alive she would come to church! SO PRAY FOR HER!!
Well i just love being a missionary. Like really love it! and I love KOSICE!!!
Have a great week
Sestra Ratcliffe

 The sisters! LOVE
 Since I was just born into KOSICE I figured this picture would be fitting
 Our first sleep over in Bratislava
 Spiral stairs in the cathedral
 Bells in the cathedral. forbidden to ring them. i don't know what would happen if you really did though.
 Just a box in the middle of the cathedral I decided to climb into. 
you know. 
 This is the 85 year old man! He is awesome! 

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