Monday, May 11, 2015

BRNO hates me

Okay I feel like I seriously only have stories about Brno. 
So last week we were in Brno again, like I displayed on last weeks email, and let me just tell you so many experiences. So if you remember I had drunk man last time on the tram. 
Then this time, my companion and I were in the train station and this man (Something about men and sister missionaries or something) came up to us and started begging for money. Obviously we are in the czech republic and they use a completely different currency so I literally have nothing. So I said sorry I have nothing. and he went on and on about how he needed money for a solid 5 minutes. Then I got slightly frustrated I said "I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING, BUT I WILL PRAY FOR YOU" and he grabbed my companions and my arm squeezed them REAL tight for a solid minute and said thank you and left. Blessings. Thats all I got to say about it.
So the other day we went contacting, and we stopped this man to talk to him and literally talked to him for an hour. He just kept asking questions and we would ask him questions back! and here's the bonus, we taught him like every single lesson. covered all of the restoration, plan of salvation, gospel of Jesus Christ, and some of the commandments, man what an adventure!
There was a crazy storm the other day. Sister Parsons always tells me that Kosice is famous for its wind storms, but we had to hurry home and we made it and it started pouring and the sky was lit up with lightning, and then we got a text on our phone from our Elders saying "guess who's pizza just got nailed with a giant peice of hail?" LOL silly elders. then the psychos decided to go out again and jump around in the puddles because the namestie was flooded. LOL
So last P-day we went to this museum that had like a ton of bones and like clay creations from like the olden dayz... it was interesting.
Well Sorry my email wasn't that interesting this week. I don't have much to say I guess and I left like all of my notes at home. Awkward...
Well what can I say. If you have faith in miracles, miracles happen. If you have faith that you are following where the Holy Ghost leads you, you will be delivered. I know that this is true. I love being in Slovakia and meeting these wonderful people and gaining relationships with them! Ohhhh I just love it! And My testimony has been so strengthened from the testimonies of the people I met! I love it!
Okay, I need to go now. 
All my love,
Sestra Ratcliffe

Baby and Trainer

First Text message

First time in a sketchy elevator!

 First time crossing the border to Slovakia

Sestra Ratcliffe

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