Monday, January 11, 2016

Im feeling twenty not 2

what the wild week
This week started out going to the cutest little ladys house. Which is photographed in the email. Doesn't it just look like a little a fairy tale? it totally was. and she gave us tea and cookies and sandwich things. MMM>
Then things went a little downhill, we turned on a light to get ready the next morning and
the power went out. 
So we started to knock on our neighbors doors really early in the morning. 
no one answered. 
So we texted our neighbor who is an angel and her and her french dad came over to help us. 
We felt really cool speaking slovak, English and french. Too bad my french accenct isn't very good.
A few hours later the electricity came back on so that was a miracle.

sorry I am rushing because I have no time! 
So Sister Abbott is a gem and made me crepes and told EVERYONE that it was my birthday! and a SUPER cute member had us over for lunch and we sang HEPPY BIRTHDAY slovak style. 
THEN I DON"T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED but sometime after we went to book club and one of our other members walked in with a rose and some coffee candy. It was a nice. :)

also we got flipped off with two fingers on my birthday so that was nice also.
Sorry this email really sucks, but I really have to go.
I hope you all have a wonderful week full of joy and food. 
S Laskou, 
Sestra Ratcliffe

Birthday Celebration

Sister Abbott made me crepes what a GEM! 
and also she made these peanut bar things. 

and another member gave me a rose and coffee candies (took a picture and promptly threw them away)

Then we celbrated with the cutest member in the entire world! 
 the fog on the bridge

some garages
and more fog
We are at a loss as to what this is for???  Maddy sometimes does not explain things . . . 

drinking kofola out of a peanut butter jar

the fairy tale house


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