Monday, January 4, 2016

NEW YEAR, NEW ME. -all the cool kids

OKAY WOW what the heck. 
So I am probably going to make this really short because today is not P-Day, but we are allowed to email, So I got to get out and work!
Well what the miracles, am I right? Yeah, I am right.
New years eve. 
We were really busy! We were running up and down trencin and trying to squeeze as many things as we could into our schedule before we had to end. and then we went to the building and made Waffles with the elders and Sister Abbott made home-made hot chocolate and it was so yummy. If anything that will be the reason why I gain weight on my mission. and Halusky.
then we went home and we had permission to stay up late to watch the fireworks, I wish I could say that I wasn't tired at midnight, but by the end of the fireworks show I was really ready for bed. 
Then 6:30 am rolled around.
but we made it through our morning work out... kindof. 
and then it was P DAY and it was weird because everything was closed so we just walked around empty trencin for hours and then it got cold, BECAUSE IT SNOWED.
Oh fun fact, I bought a mint plant. I love it. 
My first transfer in Kosice Sis. Parsons and I bought a basil plant, So I thought I would buy a plant for this apartment. turns out I have quite the GREEN THUMB and I am making mint tea with my mint plant. its so CUTE.
Thats my newest favorite thing. TEA.
Oh you will not believe what happened today. speaking of tea
We were out on the streets for five minutes the first man we stop takes us to tea. at this point I have already had 2 cups during studies, but still excited. He was really cool. gave us his number and wants to meet again. 
THEN we are walking down the street a little further and stop this lady who tells us that she is busy right now but we could come to her house tomorrow and gives us her address. 
THEN we are walking down the street and we see this girl that Sister Abbott knows and she takes us to tea too! SO MUCH TEA! But its really nice because it is snowing, but the biggest miracle of this day is that we were able to share the gospel with these lovely people, who are prepared to hear of the plan of their heavenly father. 
Also we have been talking with our neighbor down the hall from us who is absolutely incredible. She has such strong faith and is SO willing to communicate with our heavenly father. 
I have learned SOOO much about how truly well our father in heaven knows us. and knows exactly what we need in the very moment. He is SO real. and so good. and there is no way that I can deny his power.
HE LIVES and our savior LIVES and loves us and I know that is true. 
Hope you all have an incredible week and hopefully I can get some pictures sent later today!
S Laskou, 
Sestra Ratcliffe

and the nutcracker

Saying goodbyes. 

first snow
Sis ABB walking in the snow
Comp inventory crown

Sister Eggers on Christmas

midnight selfies
and sister Abbotts fashion in the freeze.

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