Tuesday, March 22, 2016

P DAY GOING UP on a tuesday

HI. SURPRISE! P day is on tuesday this week, because my companion and I were at a training yesterday so here we are!
WOW this week was just sooo wonderful AND FULL OF FOOD.
Seriously I have never eaten so much food. My companion the other day was like, I don't get how missionaries gain weight on their missions, she was eating her words a few hours later, LITERALLY. hahaha
We went to one of our friends house who fed us this bean and potato soup and then the main dish was a bean rice potato thing that tasted exactly like the soup but not wet.
then we went immediately to the branch presidents wifes to help in her garden when she informed us it was too cold to work outside and that she made us fried cheese. AND THAT STUFF IS LIKE SHOVING A WHOLE BLOCK OF MELTED CHEESE DOWN YOUR THROAT.

THEN THE NEXT DAY(it doesn't end their)
we went to lunch with the elders and headed over to our members house who told us she would be giving us a dessert. when we arrived there was chicken and potatoes AND a dessert. I about died, but to make matter worse we then went to a friends house who made us Halušky and I LITERALLY could not finish my meal. which is so unfortunate because it is HALUŠKY!

We have been traveling a lot this week because of trainings in brno and bratislava so my companion and I are just exhausted from trying to figure out if we are going on a train or a bus and which platform we need to be on, but we are always having a good time.

funny of the week:
This week I was talking to President mcConkie and he was like "sister Ratcliffe you have hayfever." completely forgetting what the crap hayfever was I responded " I.. have.... h  a  y  f  e  v  e  r" very slowly. Then I realized what he was talking about and was like oh yeah, I have allergy pills! hahaha 
Sign number 5777 that my english is going far far down the drain!
Well I am just so grateful to be a missionary. I love this gospel more than anything. IT IS INCREDIBLE. I hope you all can remember our resurrected Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this week! 
and check out this video: FollowHim.mormon.org
Happy Veľká Noc
S Láskou,
Sestra Ratcliffe

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