Monday, March 7, 2016

Switch up

Well this week was just a blast and a half. 
I was able to go to Prague with Sister Ross and my sisters from the MTC to pick up the 4 new sisters. And BOY OH BOY ARE THEY INCREDIBLE. 
I seriously know that they are meant to be here. I JUST KNOW IT> 
So this is what happened. 
I AM STILL IN TRENCIN and I am serving with Sister Van Langeveld. 
and the week we started off running. Literally. we were talking to a lady in the train station and she asked us when our train was and we told her it was at 3:25 and she looks at her watch and it is 3:15. So we grabbed everything told the other sisters goodbye and started sprinting. Then I get a phone call while we are running up the stairs that I left my purse and that some other sister were running to give it to us. Thankfully we got it in time. 
Then we hopped off that train to make another train that left in three minutes and you know me. I like to make things more difficult than they need to be, we lugged the suitcases down the stairs and halfway down a lady is like you know there are elevators right.
but the good thing is, is that we took the elevator up to the other platform and made our connection.
And we finally made it home and hit the streets immediately. 
Sister Van is a good sport. She has had shin splints for the past week and we have been walking this entire city and talking to everyone we possibly can.

Oh the funniest thing happened. 
we were walking to a members house and an ambulance came driving past us from the back, so we are both looking towards the street when all of a sudden a dog starts barking its head off behind a gate and we about died of fright. but don't worry we lived. 
I guess its not that funny, but the moral of the story is don't stare at ambulances too long because you never know whats behind you.
This week was just wonderful. 
Even though we were only in our area for a solid 4 days we saw miracle after miracle.
I know that the lord is in this work he leads and guides us to where we need to be. 
I am still on a huge JOSEPH SMITH IS A PROPHET THING and I was reading this talk and check it out:
"For another example, take Willard Richards—an educated man who, when Joseph and Hyrum Smith surrendered themselves to the governor of Illinois and were placed in Carthage Jail, was among a handful of men who went with them. By the afternoon of 27 June 1844, most had been sent to take care of certain matters of business, leaving only John Taylor and Willard Richards with the Prophet and his brother Hyrum. That afternoon following dinner, the jailer, knowing of the mob outside, suggested that they would be safer in the cell of the jail. Turning to Willard Richards, Joseph asked, “If we go into the cell will you go with us?” To this Elder Richards responded:
“Brother Joseph, you did not ask me to cross the river with you … you did not ask me to come to Carthage … you did not aske me to come to jail with you—and do you think I would forsake you now? But I will tell you what I will do; if you are condemned to be hung for ‘treason,’ I will be hung in your stead, and you shall go free.” "
Wow I just think that, that is amazing think about it NO PERSON I KNOW WOULD EVER DIE FOR A FRAUD. NO ONE WOULD DO THAT!
Have a miraculous week friends.
S laskou, 
Sestra Ratcliffe
babez firstz
all the trainers coming into Prague
in the train station right before we sprinted to our train
first text message
first time in slovakia
first time in the apt
us visiting a member
First sketchy elevator

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