Monday, March 14, 2016

to PRAGUE and back

I feel like this week was just jam packed with travelling and being a missionary. how ironic. hahah . 

 we didn't even start off the week normal, after we emailed last week we ran to the bus stop to get on a bus to Brno. We spent the night with the Brno sestry and then I just abandoned my companion a week into the mission with another slovak greenie in the czech republic to fend for themselves while Sister Bailey and I headed to Prague for some training. 

While on our way to Prague the elder tingey (from the MTC) drove and decided to choose the left instead of the right (lane) and got us stuck in two hours of traffic, He was really funny, "elder why didn't you tell me to choose the right?" "when i have to give a talk I am totally using this story." 
as we were sitting there we decided to have a group study. I looked out the foggy windows a little while later and thought that our car was moving because of a trackter near by that was going to opposite way, when we looked through the front window we realized there was not a car in sight and the traffic had cleared during our study. we rushed to find something to wipe off the windows, because they were all foggy and raced to catch up to the cars that had left us hanging in the dust. 
Then on the way home we got into some more traffic. Let just say that time I took a nap. 
When we got back to Brno my comp was all in one piece and was still breathing, so that was a good sign.
THEN we spent another night in Brno and went to progression training with all the new greenies and FINALLY we came back to Trencin half way through the week, with czech in our heads and the feeling like we had just travelled for 48 hours straight. 

We got home and I was so disoriented that I was talking about čaj(tea)
and my comp was like
        "isn't there a drink called cai tea?"
and I was like 
         "isn't there something like čitaj (read in slovak) WAIT i mean tai chi isn't that a form of K-A-T-A-R-A-T-E?"

Yeah. my english. out the window. 
oh, there it goes... 

Then the rest of the week was slightly a blur. THE DAYZ ARE FLYING. and i still am hating this whole time thing. 
I don't even remember what happened. 
all i know is that we were speaking lots of slovak and getting REAL PUMPED for the miracles that we were seeing. 

I had a talk yesterday titled "where is truth" 
and I really enjoyed three simple thoughts from Elder Vern P. Stanfill from last conference he said, 
First, no matter how intense the darkness of doubt, we choose how long and to what extent we allow it to influence us. 
Second, we must trust in the Lord in order to develop spiritual strength within ourselves. 
Third, there is no darkness so dense, so menacing, or so difficult that it cannot be overcome by light.
I just loved these truths that no matter how deep in the dark we feel, no matter how weak we are, the light (our father in heaven) will always overcome the dark (satan). 
I remember when I was in Kosice and Sister McConkie talked about how God is like a HUGE train and Satan is like a mosquito and satan can really bug us and annoy us, but no matter how annoying he gets, We all know that when a train and a mosquito meet, the train always wins. HEAVENLY FATHER WILL ALWAYS WIN.

  "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

God exists. This church is the true church. Heavenly father knows us perfectly and he knows how we individually can find the light. 

S laskou, 

Sestra Ratcliffe

generation picture
Going to prague with my buddy. Sister Bailey
BBS first Slovak icecream
Swedish pancake(Comp recipe) and some MAK (poppyseeds) mmmm.. mixing cultures :)

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