Monday, March 28, 2016

Vzkrieseny je

I am honestly so lost as to what in the world happened this week. 

I think it is absolutely hilarious when I look at my planner, because the plans that we have made and the back up plans we have just never end up that way. I guess thats a good thing just following where the spirit leads. it was really a cool experience this week, because for some random reason (not random definitely led by the spirit) we had to go back to our apartment to get something and I can't even remember why, but we met one of our neighbors outside our apartment and he spoke to us in english and then he informed us that he has a book of mormon in english, but neither us nor the elders really know him, we have just seen him cause he lives by us. 

nič nie je nahoda. 
(nothing is a coincidence)

So this week is just HUGE and all about Easter. so on Friday we went with our branch president to the woods to make some whips for easter. 

In Slovakia the tradition is that monday (today) all the boys go around and splash water on the women and whip them. its not as bad as it sounds. its for a good cause. The water is supposed to make the women beautiful and the whips are made from a willow and is supposed to be medicinal so the women will be healthy all year round. 

Today we were over at our branch presidents house and he whipped us sisters and then fed us(and I was completely full) and then we headed downstairs to our branch presidents mom's house and she fed us more. needless to say i think my stomach is going to be bulging all day. 

but this week was just so wonderful to be able to testify of the savior and his resurrection. 

"When the women came to the tomb, they found it open and empty. The angels had tarried to tell them the greatest news ever to fall on human ears: “He is not here: for he is risen, as he said”"

what a glorious message. THE SAVIOR LIVES. and because of him we too will live again! I know it! 

happy easter friends. 

S Laskou, 

Sestra ratcliffe. 

sorry my email is so short. I just don't really know what to say. I am so full of food I am going into a food coma and can't really think straight. 

foodie. . . . 
yummy snacks 
and lunch an hour later with the branch presidents mother
the week . . . 
making whips 
and chocolate bunnies.
mission . . .                                                                                                          

district hike . . . .                                                                                                  


on the bus to brno and 
easter lunch at the branch presidents house

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