Monday, May 16, 2016

Hey mom Czech it out!

Okay, I know we are all waiting on the miracles of the week so I am going to start with the BIGGEST MIRACLE OF ALL:
Which means a whole lot for Slovakia and the mission president coming in. 
When we were in MLC President McConkie said that the new mission president would be able to sleep at night. hahaha
So last week, the district wanted to do something fun, so we went bowling as you can see by the pictures and as you cannot see by the pictures, because I am ashamed of it, I did not even break 50 the first time. 
bowlings skills out the window. guess that is never something I was proficient in. ha
Oh we had this really cool experience on the train to blava this week two older ladies came and sat next to us and they were talking to us and reading our name tags and asking us where we are from, and WOW they were just the sweetest. They told me that I didn't even have an american accent and its because of my slovak ancestors and I was thinking in my head, "you ladies must be deaf, because I know that everyone else and their dog tells me that I have an accent" but they were sweet and they took a pamphlet at the end of our conversation and said they would read it and were really interested in the difference between our church and other churches.
then we went to prague and Sister Easton served with one of her sisters from the MTC while we were in meetings. and then on the way home the zone leaders informed us that they had Enya, so we jammed out all the way home. 
We also found out that driving to prague is like taking a trip from salt lake to st. george. Good times. 
When we got back from prague, we went out with the Elders and chalked the ground with the plan of salvation. and It was such a fun time. 
I stopped this man who rejected me, and then I think some one else stopped him and then I(with the memory i have) stopped him again, and he said "this is the third time you have stopped me, what do you want?" persistence my friends. its a good thing. I ended up talking to him for the rest of the display and he ended up being super cool.

We met an american this week from Indiana. 
He married a slovak and lives here now!

Also funny story and then I will end. 
So we had a meeting this week and
Well this week was just incredible.
I love this quote from a talk Sister Parsons sent me (shoutout hahah)

Brothers and sisters, I would like to suggest to you today that the gospel of Jesus

Christ was restored in 1820 because that’s the only time it could have survived. There

is a more pointed question that needs to be asked. Why were you born when you

were born? Why weren’t you born in 911, or 1215? Is it because some computer in

the cosmos blipped and you came out now? I don’t buy that. I believe you were born

in this dispensation, with the gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth today, because you

were somebody before you got here. If you had any idea of who you were before you

got here, the hair would stand up on the back of your neck. Joseph Smith said on one

occasion, “If I were to tell you who I am, you’d slay me for blasphemy.” Wisely

never told anybody who he was, but he knew.

On one occasion President McKay, president of the Church, several years before his

death, on a Sunday evening, didn’t have anything to do, so he took his wife, said

“Let’s go to a fireside.” They went down to a stake center. There were lots of cars in

the parking lot so he walks in and their stake president was speaking to a group of

young people your age. Eight hundred of them. President McKay and his wife

walked in. The stake president about swallowed his tie. Walked down to about the

eighth row. He said, “Don’t get excited. I want to hear what you have to say.” The

president continued with his talk. About halfway through his talk, he stopped and

said, “You know, young people, I feel impressed to tell you that before the world was,

before the world was, in that war in heaven, each of you in this room served as

captains and generals in the Lord’s army.” And then he went on with his talk. It had

nothing to do with what he was talking about. As he finished his talk, he looked

down at President McKay and noticed President McKay was drilling him with his

eyes. His heart stopped. He sat down and thought, “Boy, what have I said?” The

closing prayer ended. He jumped up and ran down to President McKay. Looked up

to President McKay – everybody looked up to President McKay, he’s a great big guy

– and he said, “You know, President McKay, I got a little carried away in my talk

tonight. Did I say anything that was inappropriate?” He said, “No, you didn’t say

anything that was inappropriate, you were just inaccurate.” “Well, what did I say?”

He said, “There were no captains here tonight. They were all generals.” And he said,

“Don’t you ever forget it.” And he turned around and walked out.

I have a testimony of that, brothers and sisters. If you were to know who you were

before you got here, it would scare you. You know what that means? It means we

don’t have the right to do all the dumb stuff a lot of the other young people in the

world are doing, we don’t have the right. Why? Because we know too much. Why?

Because we’re here because we were somebody before we came here and the Lord

has sent us here to accomplish some great task. And that task is to take now and

export the reality of the fact that the gospel has been restored. No one between 96 and

1820 could authoritatively say “Thus saith the Lord.” Now we can. Why? Because

there is a man on the planet today that can say “‘Thus saith the Lord’ because I speak

with him.”
Man. We are just full of potential and we don't even know it. 
have a miraculous week.
S Laskou,
Sestra Ratcliffe

well I tried to get the sunset in the picture
our apartments art work
WE WANT SUN!!! hahah cute kiddos.

bowling on P-day. you already know I didn't even break 50
On our way. ba ba ba ba
to bla bla bla blava! 
more fotky
youre gonna hear me roar. and mother mary.
sunset across the bridge. 

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