Monday, May 9, 2016


Well this week flew by like a rocketship.
We had some pretty amazing miracles  all week this week. 
We were in the mall on Monday when a man who randomly gave us his number on the street a few weeks ago called us and said that he is willing to meet right now. and just "coincidentally" and by that I mean, God is so good, we ran into our branch president in the mall and said that he would teach with us! MIRACLE
We were going to go do service for our branch president wife and we are about 5 minutes walking time away from her house on a beautiful day, when all of a sudden it starts raining so we start running and we are really running and then hail starts to pound our bodies while we are running and we were literally is a ton of pain and absolutely soaking wet.
but we made it and we were able to get some nice warm dry t shirts and some nice warm food for our mouths.
Then we had a super Miracle. 
we are teaching one of our friends and we finished our lesson with him and still had 20 minutes to spare so we asked him if he had any questions for us and he responds "how do you get baptized into your church?" So we explained it, and he said "I would like to do that."
I sat there for a minute in a little bit of shock and then I pulled out the phone to pick a date!
it was quite the spiritual experience.
Sorry I am not going to write a super long email this week, 
but I hope you all have a wonderful week and continue to see the miracles.
S Laskou,
Sestra Ratcliffe

Had a former missionary come and visit so we took them to the dedication spot. 
Its always a photo party in Trencin
"selfie!" the members love pictures. 

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