Monday, June 20, 2016


This is going to be the most unfulfilling email of my mission because this is probably the most unfulfilling email session of my mission, because sister Easton and I are sharing a computer because one is broken and a man is on the other one, and I forgot my planner at home so I am not really sure what I did this week. So bear with me friends. 

SO THIS WEEK, yep tons of thoughts coming to my brain right now, and by that I mean zero thoughts except for what I ate for lunch yesterday. 
(by the way pizza) we were in brno for training so yeah that was good. 

oh funny story I can start with, so on the námestie there is this guy who works at the icecream stand, and the other day sister Easton and I went and Sister Easton only got one scoop and the guy added another scoop. and I just started laughing and Sister Easton was SOOO embarrassed that this guy gave her a free extra scoop. and then we went back another day and he wasn't there and I bought my usual and the lady charged me 70 cents instead of 50 and I was a little surprised and we went back a couple days later and I asked the guy if the bowl I get costs 70 cents and he says "for you, no."

So.. Karma.  

Another funny one, we were contacting as a district and I stopped this lady and she yells "I will not associate myself with the jehovah's witnesses" and I said "I am not a jehovah's witness" and she responds "yes you are." so I responded "umm... No I am not" then she stormed away. so I didn't really have a chance to talk to her more. but she was nice. :) 

and as usual the week becomes a real blur, but again somehow sister Easton and I ended up on a train going to Bratislava to spend the night, eat halusky and go to zone conference. 

and by that I mean water works, like the dam broke, and no one could stop it.
TRAINING WAS SOOOOO SAD. and if you know me at all you know that I am just the most sypathetic cryer. I never in my life thought that I would have to say goodbye to my mission president and his family and be so attached to people that I saw once or twice a month. GOODBYES SUCK. 
SO I JUST BAWLED and weeped. 

BUT TRAINING was super intense. President talked to us about testimony and then at the end for a few minutes, he had us write our testimonies and the room was filled with the spirit. It was an amazing feeling of peace and joy. it was like the calm before the storm because right after that, the entire McConkie family stood up to give their farewell testimonies. 

It was a really sad experience but at the same time a very calm sensation was in the room, because I don't think that a single person in that room doubted the call that the Lord gave to our mission president and the call that the Lord has extended to our next mission president. Those two men were called for when they were needed. I am SOOO excited to meet with President Pohořelicky and I know that he is the man to lead this mission starting next week! 

The Lord is in the details I know it! 

Have a miraculous week. 

S Láskou, 

Sestra Ratcliffe

Video from her companion at the cemetery June 13, 2016

Walking up some tower stairs
at the top of the tower
sitting on a weapon of war
my souvenir
Selfie with Prez.
Celebrating sister Ross's birth, a little late, BAD SISTERS
Pres and sister mcconkie I JUST LOVE THEM

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