Monday, June 27, 2016


Well what a relaxing P-day. Sister Easton and I don't have to share a computer this time, so we are both happy and just feeling good. 

So this week is just going to be full of excitement and busy work! 

This friday we are heading to Bratislava to meet our new mission president, which means that we are telling President McConkie goodbye this week, which is sad, but as I have said, it is the time for President Pohorelicky to be here and to serve. and WE ARE PUMPED FOR THIS. but not only is President Pohorelicky starting his mission, but he also has to figure out transfers in the next four days, because this week is transfer week! So keep him in your prayers! 

Since I have written last week so many things have happened. 
So I have to go back a little bit though. So we were at the castle on Tuesday last week and in our group was a couple that was from the Czech Republic and the guy was wearing a warmup suit that was rainbow colored, and we had gone up the tower to the top of the castle and our guide was waiting at the bottom for us and he asked us if anyone else was up on the tower still and I responded "Yes! the man with the rainbow clothes" then all the missionaries started laughing at me, because the was the only way to describe it. 


wednesday we went to the cirkus for our culture night and before we stopped at Mcdonalds to grab something to eat and we saw the Rainbow clothes guy, but he wasn't in rainbow clothing this time.
and I about freaked out and then Elder Kuhlmann said "hmm.. the cirkus we are going to is a czech cirkus and rainbow man is here right next to the cirkus. What if rainbow man in in the cirkus?" and then we all died laughing but I guess we laughed too soon, because he really was in the cirkus! 
He juggled! ​​
Check it out!​

OH on wednesday we also met with this really cool guy that Sister Easton found when she was on exchanges and I turned to her while we waited for him "So what does this guy look like?" she responds "well he had blond hair and broad shoulders" so we look around a little longer and i turn to her and say "so could he possibly be shirtless?" and yep it was him, but don't worry he put his shirt on when he walked over to us but until he put his shirt on we were like wow the cobblestone is pretty. hahah 

Oh also this day we were contacting people on the street and this girl talks to us and she honestly looked like she was 12 and she asked us if we were talking to people about God and we said yes we are, but she looked really young and she starts walking with us and chit chatting and I turned to her and I said "How old are you?" and she responds 17. First I went into shock but then we kept talking to her and she ended being a really cool girl who was interested in talking with us more. 
Lesson learned, if people talk to you, God probably prepared them, even if they do look 12 years old, Because God's timing is better than our timing, always. 

on Thursday we went to a spring with Sestra S. and got some SUPER IRON-Y SULFER-Y water that tasted like a mix of boiled eggs and blood. They said its healthy, so we took it home and added some raspberry sugar syrup. IT WORKED and totally HEALTHY! haha

Then the week was pretty normal, but I mean, I guess I don't really know what a normal day in anymore, but the funnest thing is that one day we were walking home from tracting and we found one of the guys the was part of the cirkus and we got to talk to him for a little bit while he was taking down the cirkus signs, but I thought understanding fast slovak speakers was hard, I about missed everything this fast czech speaking man was saying and I had to ask him to repeat himself so that I could catch it. 
and so I was freaking out and telling sister Easton that we HAD to find the cirkus people when we go to the namestie, but we didn't find them, but hey, the church will find them one day :)

Well that is all I have to say for the week. 

The Church is true! I love it, It can heal the wounded soul, mend the broken heart, and bring peace and joy that is long lasting.

Have a miraculous week. 

S Laskou, 

Sestra Ratcliffe

Mcdonalds before
Cotton candy, I am always a sucker for that stuff
monkeys on donkeys
at the cirkus

Sister Easton got a tick and I had to try to pull it out of her leg for an hour then our neighbor came over and pulled it out in 1 minute. 
at the Spring (kyselka) 
at the Spring (kyselka) 

I just love Jericho and Jerusalem Streets. :) 

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