Monday, June 13, 2016

turning the hearts of the children to their fathers

This week was literally wild and I don't think that it is going to stop being wild.

I am going to go chronologically again, because otherwise I am going to be REAL lost. 

Throwing it back to MONDAY
Not a whole ton was happening on Monday. Sister Easton and I went shopping for shirts and by the end of the day I told sister Easton that I didn't want to go into another store for a shirt for the rest of the transfer. We will see how long that lasts. hahah 

Then our friend taught us HOW TO BE VEGAN. 
so that went well- ish this week, I mean, yeah, later in the week you will understand why -ISH was added. 

our vegan friend had us over for a nice soup with some lentils. Oh boy was that yummy. 
Check it out: 

okay I guess looking back on the week, the week really wasnt that busy until friday and since then we have just been GO GO GO. 

The sisters in Kosice came over to spend an exchange with us here in Trencin and wow that was so fun. Sister Mcpheeters and I were together and Sister Ross and Sister Easton were together. 

Heres some fun experiences: 

We were walking by the train station and we stop this man and start to talk to him, and almost immediately he tells us that he is satisfied with his religion and that we weren't going to convince him. and so we asked him if he had ever prayed to know if his church was true and he said no. so we asked him that if God told him to change churches would he and he said NO. and so we said, "BUT IF GOD TOLD YOU TO" and then he really thought for a second and we brought up the question again "so why have you not prayed to know which church is true?" he laughed for a second and told us that we caught him off gaurd and that we were prepared and he wasn't. hahah.


we stopped this guy in the park and we taught him about the Book of Mormon and we told him that we meet with people and if he would be interested and he was literally the most prepared peson I have ever met! He gave us his phone number and took the book of mormon and told us we could meet next week. AKA this week. YAY. 
We took an icecream break on the Namestie and found a huge cultural celebration: vidiš:

Icecream and culture, it doesn't get much better than this. 

Bright and Early sister Easton and I and Sister K hopped on a train to go to Trnava to find some ratcliffe family ancestors
speaking of ratcliffe check this out: 

Me and Daniel Radcliffe chillin in trencin.
​But back to the actual cool part of the story. We found this grave, but before we found it we walked around forever and we had to ask someone where it was and the cool thing about the whole experience was when we were walking I was really excited to find it, and we walked past this one gravestone that was not able to be seen because it was covered by a bush and I thought how sad that was that no one could see the gravestone, and when I kept walking my excitement left me and I thought to myself, that much be the grave stone. and sure enough it was, hiding under that same bush.
and all I could think to myself was this:

​And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.
Malachi 4:6

his church is on the earth today. 
and he leads and guides us through his prophet Thomas S. Monson.
Have a miraculous week.
S Laskou,
Sestra Ratcliffe


Jan Strapak - family somehow, just not sure how
we had to move this bush to see the head stone. 
Just chilling with the relatives you know? 

We went to Trnava today with Sister K
so cute!

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