Monday, June 6, 2016

week of wonders

This week honestly feels like three in one we were just so busy all week! 
I am going to speak chronologically because I otherwise I will be all over the place.
MONDAY: I bought a swamp cooler and it was the best desicion of my life. I was really fed up with the heat and just wanted to be colder. So sister Easton and I ran around the whole city trying to find one and hopped on a bus and finally bought one and then we had to carry her all the way home, across the bridge and to the house. The looks we got were incredible. 

TWOSDAY: not much happened in the morning, but in the afternoon the Bratislava sisters came and spent the day with us for exchanges. I was serving with my BB again Sister Van and sister Easton was with Sister Schaerrer. and it was just a blast and a half. 
There are these people who are on the streets and try to get you to get their phone provider and one of them stopped us and asked us which phone provider we had, UHHHHH "we don't know, people just give us this phone and we use it and have never seen the bill in our lives" then they give us a real strange look and then they see the tag and start to understand. Then they ask us where we are from, try to speak the best english they can muster and then we just teach them the restored gospel and instead of them getting our phone provider information we get their phone number and meet with them! Its great!
WEDNESDAY: spent some more time with blava and then they went home and within minutes of them leaving it began to abslutely pour rain so we walked and everyone on the street just disappeared. then we were really far away from where we were supposed to be so we had to sprint to the city to make it on time to a meeting which we are pretty sure our friend tried to set up sister easton with his friend and so we had to really point out our tags. hahaha 
Being a missionary is just great, getting set up for dates that you didn't know about, and being the third wheel part of the date. hahahaha life is hilarious.
THURSDAY: wow this was a wild day. 
Well the majority of the day wasn't that that eventful, but at the end we had to go to blava to get up to prague the next day and that was just intense. We were sitting there and this man started to bible bash us. so we sat there and listened, then he proceeded to tell us that mormons don't have families and I was like "huh? where did I come from then?" then he followed us onto the train so we tried to escape. and we did it. and then we talked to this really cool guy from trencin on the train and within minutes of him getting off the train at his stop our friend who bible bashes found us and starts talking about history. then we hopped off the train a stop early because I was not feeling comfortable with this guy and as we walked past the window he stared at us. 
so moral of the story: don't bible bash because you are just wasting the lords precious time.
Friday: we were in prague thats basically it.
then the weekend wasn't that eventful. just normal. 
but we did see miracles and we also saw the lords hand in the work here in Trencin. I know that this is the Lords work. its wonderful!
I love this quote from gordon b Hinkley:
An acquaintance said to me one day: “I admire your church very much. I think I could accept everything about it—except Joseph Smith.” To which I responded: “That statement is a contradiction. If you accept the revelation, you must accept the revelator.”
Isn't that a great thought? if you accept any revelation you HAVE to accept the revelator. because he is the one who revealed it and you cannot just say you like something and not accept the person who said it.
Have a great week kids.
S Laskou,
Sestra Ratcliffe


Dinner, Sister Easton and I are becoming vegans this week so bye bye dairy... 
We got POURED on the other day
Our member just be a boss in those glasses

Buying a swamp cooler so we don't die this summer

Sestra Easton's Pics forwarded on to us . . .

It's raining it's pouring... Slovakia is wet
I don't remember the purpose of this photo. I don't actually know what it is persay either. It's hard to see... But street!
tunnel music
Movie night in our handknitted socks given to us by sestra Doktorova
My companion bought a swamp cooler. Once again, I am very grateful to her and her parents to making this stay in Slovakia that much more enjoyable.
Exchanges with these beautiful ladies!

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