Monday, November 23, 2015

because im heppy

My favorite thing that slovaks say in English is happy. "I WAS NOT VERY HEPPY" oh boy they are cute. 

Last Sunday we celebrated elder Sharp's birthday. We planned to use the cake mix my mommy sent me for his cake but we got too excited and made them before his birthday and used some of the frosting, so, by the time his birthday came around we had half a container of frosting and some stuff to make the cake from scratch. the cake turned out to be more like a GIANT cookie (Sister Eggers and I have some REAL(fake) cooking abilitlies) *please refer to a few weeks ago when we made salt syrup instead of sugar syrup* but I made some homemade frosting and mixed in the american kind and no one could tell the difference!

We were too excited to celebrate that we forgot to take a picture of the cake until after we ate it, 
so, with our left-over frosting we had a finger decorating party:

I only knew how to write happy. Short and sweet. 

This week, hmm.. 

this week we are contacting on the street and we stopped this guy. 
He spoke to us in english, told us the he was raised in Slovakia, that his dad is from the Netherlands and his mom is from Vietnam. strange combo, and then he is like, "sorry I cant really focus, DO YOU SMOKE WEED?" "No" We responded "we believe in the word of wisdom..." He promised us he would come to church on Sunday, but he didn't. The weed must have made him forget. OH WELL. good times.
Also that same day we contacted this lady who told us we were "ANGELS" Awww I just love people. SOO KIIINNNDDD.
AND IN THE SAME DAY, we were out to dinner with the elders and one of our members, when we texted one of the guys we are teaching and told him that we could meet him in the park and he replied "so much romantic" IN ENGLISH Not really sure what that was supposed to mean, but our lesson wasn't romantic AT ALL. GOOOOD.
OH my, the funniest contact I have ever had in my life occured this week. 
We stopped this guy and we were talking to him about God (of course!) and about 5 minutes into our conversation this girl walks up and the two of them just layed a BIG FAT KISS on each other. Sister Eggers and I just looked at eachother awkwardly and then started talking to the girl about God. in the end, she gave us her number, so if I learned anything from that contact its ENDURING TO THE END. hahaha
we went over to our members house this week, we asked her if she would prepare a lesson to teach us. I was the investagator, katka and I was an atheist. She was supposed to teach me the law of chastity because I told her that I had a boyfriend.  
She shared a scripture with me in the bible and I told her I didnt believe in the bible. Then she was telling me about all the evidences that the Bible is the word of god. I wouldnt budge. She then told me that I need to stop living with my boyfriend. I wasn't budging. It was a really fun/funny experience for all of us, and we had a good laugh, But I learned that all people are different and you can't teach a lesson you have to teach THE person. Teaching the gospel is a personal relationship and our goal is to help someone to come closer to God. and you can't help someone come closer to God if you dont do the same. 
I had a talk on teaching in the church on Sunday and I have really learned that when we teach it is for our benefit. 
David M. McConkie said: "What matters most in learning is attitude. The attitude of the teacher." 
or in other words the spirit. If we go in with the wrong attitude the spirit will have no chance to testify of the truth. The spirit is so essential in the work of the lord. I am grateful for it because I know without it I cannot teach.
Yesterday we had a major miracle with a lady that let us into her house while we were tracting. 
Well this is really long so: 

this is a picture of us at training sporting these fancy "collect glitter" shirts for sister Eggers friend fighting the battle with cancer.  

Have a miraculous week friends.

S Laskou,
Sestra "Retcliffe"

PS. Sister Eggers and I have learned how to know if your heart is truly locked. 
When you drag around old granny shopping carts and all the young kids stare at you like you are freaks and somehow you JUST DONT CARE! 
*pictures to come next week.*

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