Monday, November 16, 2015

Too tired to type

what even happened this week?
TRAINS to training. 
hahaha I love trains. especially 7 hour trains. but really. 
I absolutely love them. 
I was talking to this guy on the train, trying to explain to him what otter pops were, and telling him that if you send them in packages that they EXPLODE! he thought I was crazy but we had a good chat/laugh.
And lets not even mention training. 
The sister training leaders trained us on hard work. Gave us all contacting cards and new companions and sent ALL the missionary out on the streets of Bratislava. I felt like we were flooding the earth with the GOSPEL.

it was AWESOME
This week, I have literally been so tired, I think I was a little sick and my body was fighting so if this email is the worst email you have ever received from me, blame it on that.
Well Miracle this week, 
we were contacting on the street and we stopped this girl and oh she was really cute. and we were talking to her and we told her that we meet and she was like "can I ask where you are from" and we told her we were from america and she said "Milujem angličtinu" which means
So we talked some more and she took our phone number. 
The problem with them taking OUR phone number is that usually those people use their agency to not call us and just delete our number when we walk away. So we were slightly disappointed and walked to the building and withing 2 MINUTES she texted us telling us that we made her entire day!!!. OH BOY that was good.
Another miracle we saw this week, We were on the namestie and we stopped these two girls. The one was pretty skeptical, but the other one was SOOO cool. 
We were talking to them and invited them to meet with us and the skeptical one immediately said no, and you know teenage girls if one says no so does the other. (cant embarass yourself in front of your buddies) BUT she didnt. She was like "I WOULD LOVE THAT" so she gave us our number and we were on our way.
ALSO the scariest thing happened this week. 
this drunk man was getting off of the tram and he pushed the doors open to stay open while he exited and the tram kept going and he fell out. So keep him in your prayers.
Okay have a wonderful week.
S laskou,
Sestra Ratcliffe

Slovakia lighting some candles for Paris. 
see they are in the shape of the Eiffel tower.

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