Monday, November 2, 2015

Hypothermia, Magic and Halloween

Ha. I literally love thinking back on the week. 
Missionary life is a dream, I know I say that a lot, but wow, its good. 
Okay so this week we went and visited one of our members. She is so cute she put this strange meat spread on bread and gave it to us. We thought it was fish, so I took one for the team and ate the whole plate. TURNS OUT not fish. it was pork so I didn't have to take one for the team, but you know. :) also when we left her house it was freezing and we were in a room with a ton of heaters so the second we were outside I felt like we were going to have hypothermia. 
GOOD NEWS we didn't. But the walk home was not the most pleasant thing I have ever experienced.
Oh this week we met with one of our friends and there is this game that people play, its called magic? Have you heard of it? well its a card game. So he plays this game and he said he was walking home the other day after buying some more cards and a scripture popped into his head
"Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all isvanity."
So he went home and sold all of his Magic cards. 
We have a new baby in Kosice. 
His name is Elder Cantrell and he is straight from the MTC. 
He's a hoot. He tells a lot of jokes, and then pees his pants cause he thinks he is HILARIOUS. 
its a good time.
The other day was the last day we were able to table on the namestie. 
AND WOW. Sister Eggers and I taught 13 LESSONS! 
I am going to really miss tabling. 
But we are going to do singing displays. Where we go on the namestie and just sing hymns and then we contact around the singing. 
My district is really musically talented, then theres me.. LOL 
So I will probably be the one contacting.
Sister Eggers and I met some real nice people contacting this week. 
We were getting smashed on our slovak and then this lady was like. "Aww you two are cute."
What an angel, then we stopped this man and after creepily looking at us up and down told us we were cute. So that was somewhat strange, but a good time. 

also when we were tabling I stopped this guy, who looked a little hesitant to stop and chat, but he did. I asked him for his number, and he gave it to me and his number was already in the phone from 7 days ago, So I was like did you meet with sister Parsons the last time we were here? and he was acting all aloof and then I called his phone and you wouldn't believe that the contact name is "PARSONS" Hello buddy. nič nie je nahoda. (nothing is a coincidence)
Well we don't celebrate Halloween, but we celebrate ALL SAINTS DAY. 
I can't even describe it. 
its like memorial day but like 1000000000 times better!
heres a pic:

me being a giant. (I met this lady on the street and she invited us to tell us all about the history behind this holiday. I don't know if I am SUPER tall or if she is super short.) Ha!

and this is for Jesus. its was magical

Oh its just beautiful.
one funny. 
I sent a message to a girl this week and I trying to say "let us know if you have time sometime this week" and instead I said "let us know if you have God sometime this week"
So good first impressions.
Okay have a beautiful week. 
See those miracles
S Laskou
Sestra Ratcliffe

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