Monday, November 9, 2015

Salty Syrup

WE gave in. Sister eggers and I could not resist seeing the cupcake mix and american frosting sitting in my package any longer.

It was daunting. 

So we made christmas cupcakes a little prematurely. 
I think that it was a very good decision! It is very interesting, because food here is very plain and then you eat a thing from america the is literally just sugar and you tastebuds go for a little joy ride.
that also came in the package. 
We ate it.

Good now onto spiritual things. 
So this week we had a singing display and our new elder was out contacting and we were singing when we saw a guy that we contacted from that morning. Sister Eggers and I jumped out of singing and started yelling for him to come over. HE DID. Then we sang with them and chit-chatted for a little bit, but wow that was a miracle that he just happened to walk by us right at that moment.
ANOTHER wild miracle, was when we were contacting this neighborhood, and we stopped this boy and asked him who jesus was for him. and he was like "well its a little different for me, because I believe that Jesus was in the American continent. not just Jerusalem"
so we taught him about the book of mormon and told him all about jesus in America and he didnt freak out. Sister Eggers and I were like "he came to america and blah blah blah." and nothing. LIKE WHAT? We literally just told him about Jesus in America and that millions of people believe what he believes all over the world and he didnt even care.
BUT THATS OKAY. BECAUSE A SEED WAS PLANTED and he will be prepared for it one day. 
I have learned how certain people are truly prepared and certain people need the seed to be planted and then to come to the realization of the truth.
I got a new sweater this week. KOSICE REPRESENT
its a funny story because sister Eggers is deathly afraid of vomit (WE WERE TALKING ABOUT IT THE OTHER DAY AND SISTER EGGERS WAS LIKE "YEAH I AM LUCKY BECAUSE NONE OF MY COMPS HAVE THROWN UP BEFORE WHEN I WAS WITH THEM) and then we were walking out of the store and felt like I was going to puke. (sorry to break the streak sister E) I turned to sis Eggy and my face lost all color. I told her to walk in front of me incase I was to vomit and then all of a sudden my name tag on my sweater went missing and so she was panicking that I was going to vomit and that my name tag is lost and I am sitting on the side of the road counting to 100 and praying that I dont puke. 
Its was sure a site to see. 
It was just really Ironic because we had just talked about it and then I got sick. 

This week sister eggers and I have recognized our talent in the kitchen. 
we made pancakes for breakfast and Sis E was in charge of syrup. unfortunately she put a cup of salt in the water instead of sugar. Luckily the salt didnt dissolve so we made a different batch. 
MIRACLES hahahaha
Okay sorry I dont have a ton of time today. Sorry its a little scatterbrained. 
But I love slovakia. I LOVE SLOVAKIA SOOOOOO MUCh.
I am in debt to these people more and more everyday and I dont know how to repay them. 
Oh I love them. 
Have a miraculous week.
s laskou
Sestra Ratcliffe

Sister Eggers tried to make syrup.... with salt instead of sugar. "Hey why inst the sugar dissolving?"

snuck into the christmas package and made cupcakes. AMERICAN FLAVORS wow. 

our attempt at a district pic

 at the castle today

 elder cantrell crying about his butt muscles burning and elder sharp laughing

 sitting on a castle wall

 district picture

 E Sharp in one of the windows of the castle
 E cantrell acting real scared to be standing on the wall

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