Monday, February 15, 2016


Isn't this just the cutest thing? and so true am I right? 

Well this week was just sooo good!
On Tuesday I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Russell, and boy was it fun. The second she stepped off the train platform in Trencin miracles were brought to pass. It was so fun. Its always a little weird when the exchange is over, TIME FLIES! 
Sister Russell and I saw some awesome miracles on our exchange! 
Especially since it was pouring rain, Sister Russell was especially a trooper when a car splashed her entire left side as he drove by. I felt like I was a sea world asking shamoo to splash us, thats how much water there was! 

We had our valentines concert. WHICH WAS INCREDIBLE

Our branch prezident sang a solo,
and we all just had fun with šišky (donuts) hudba (music) and laska (love) 
when we were handing out flyers, before our concert, for our concert everyone was like "šišky hudba láska!" As I walked passed them! I was just a good time. SIster Abbott is convinced that everyone came because of the šišky hudba láska. hahaha

Well this week was just wonderful. 

Its great! 

S Laskou, 

Sestra Ratcliffe

We are on the billboards in Trencianska Tepla
Trencianska Tepla bags
Valentines breakfast
Valentines breakfast
We made cookies and delivered with an invite to our concert
Sister Abbotts facial mask
getting some gifts from the members
More gifts
Elder Cantrells new name tag #frywithtartar

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